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​Passage: The solar system’s loser shines

It happened this past week … a initial good demeanour during Pluto.

It was accurately nine-and-a-half years ago currently that NASA’s New Horizons booster lifted off on a three-billion-mile journey.

Since a possibility find in 1930, Pluto has always been only a fuzz in a telescope … until New Horizons started promulgation behind a close-up pictures.

For a initial time we’re saying immeasurable dull plains, that seem to be “only” 100 million years aged during a most.

We’re saying towering ranges some 10,000 feet high.


And pound in a center of Pluto’s Southern hemisphere, we see a outrageous area made like a heart.

Astronomers are already attaching names to some of these newly-found features, including a heart, that they’re job a Tombaugh Regio (Latin for region), after Clyde Tombaugh, a pledge astronomer who initial speckled Pluto all those years ago.

What nothing of a astronomers are job Pluto, however, is a PLANET. It was officially, and controversially, downgraded to “dwarf planet” standing in 2006.

And in an online coming with incoming “Late Show” horde Stephen Colbert this past week, Hayden Planetarium executive Neil deGrasse Tyson shielded that demotion:

Tyson: “It’s not even on my tie, OK? I’ve got Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. That’s it!”

Colbert: “That’s a standard. If it’s not on a infrequent appendage owned by Neil deGrasse Tyson, it’s not value knowing. Forget it!”

Still, Neil deGrasse Tyson IS job Pluto “The King of a Kuiper Belt,” a rope of bizarre icy objects during a solar system’s distant reaches.

And it is deeper into that belt that a New Horizons booster is headed subsequent …

Article source: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/passage-the-solar-systems-underdog-shines/