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​Sonos CEO resigns amid high competition


Sonos creates intelligent speakers, like this Play:5.

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John MacFarlane, CEO and co-founder of smart orator association Sonos, pronounced Tuesday he’s stepping down. MacFarlane led a association for 15 years though faced increasing foe from companies like Google and Amazon over a past integrate of years.

“There are no standard transitions of leadership, generally for founder-led companies where a strength lies in a executive interpretation of a enlightenment that is essential for a arrangement and growth of a new association in a formidable and fast changing environment,” MacFarlane wrote in a blog post. “However, a enlightenment contingency pierce over a founder, and that’s a singular trail for each company.”

Sonos’ new CEO will be Patrick Spence, who has been with a association for 4 years. He initial served as Sonos’ arch blurb officer afterwards became association boss final July.

Sonos has struggled over a final year as it’s faced increasing foe from tech giants releasing their possess versions of intelligent speakers, such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. MacFarlane announced a change in association strategy final Mar with a concentration on paid streaming services and voice control. At that time, Sonos also laid off employees.

Spence is approaching to continue Sonos’ pull into song streaming and voice control. MacFarlane pronounced a association will also continue operative on home Wi-Fi and partnering with other companies. The former CEO pronounced he’ll sojourn a Sonos worker and adviser.

“The intelligent home is on a fork of apropos an knowledge over early tech adoption,” MacFarlane wrote in a blog post. “The focus that Sonos started during this time final year to best residence these changes is complete, now it’s about acceleration and leading.”

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