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10 Hours With Destiny 2: So Far, So Good

Over a past dual days I’ve played roughly 10 hours of Destiny 2, a video diversion in that players transport by space, marveling during how things can feel so informed and nonetheless so new.

In some ways it’s only some-more Destiny. Here we are again, sharpened aliens and examination a numbers go up. Yet Destiny 2 has bound many of a predecessor’s shortcomings, both structurally and narratively, and as we play by a categorical story, we find myself invested in a approach we never was before, interjection to fun essay and enchanting missions. Although I’d counsel opposite jumping to conclusions until a game’s been out for a while—remember, we didn’t unequivocally know Destiny 1 until a few weeks after launch—I’ve been anxious by what I’ve played so far. (Note: Kotaku will run a executive examination of Destiny 2 after we’ve checked out a raid, that launches on Sep 13.)


For starters, there are genuine stakes. Destiny 2 opens with a drop of a Tower, a executive heart for a past 3 years, during a hands of a nasty Cabal commander named Ghaul, who drains your categorical impression of his or her powers and sends we drifting off a cliff. In a powerful, humbling method afterwards, we eventuality around a adjacent Last City while perplexing to recover your mislaid abilities. Soon you’ll run into Suraya Hawthorne, a winding sniper and member of Destiny 2’s glorious expel of new characters, and eventually you’ll find yourself roaming by a game’s initial map, a European Dead Zone.

This is where Destiny 2’s singular universe structure comes into play, and it’s one of a biggest changes Bungie has made. Rather than selecting a mission, zooming behind to orbit, and afterwards selecting another goal as we did in a initial game, Destiny 2 lets we control all of your work from a field. To entrance any story mission, you’ll have to land during a planet’s loadout zone, lane a indicate where that goal starts, and afterwards travel over. Along a way, we competence run into a open eventuality and work with a organisation of players to take down a Fallen squad that’s perplexing to puncture adult banking from a land. Or we competence confirm to go do an discretionary “adventure” that’s arrange of like a beefed adult chronicle of Destiny 1’s patrols, finish with correct stories and mixed phases.

Destiny 2’s map is full of intensity and possibilities.

This structure creates Destiny 2 feel reduction like a array of incongruous missions and some-more like an open-world game, with 4 large zones that appear, during slightest from my singular exploration, to be full of engaging value hunts and activities. we haven’t nonetheless reached any of Destiny 2’s strikes or “Lost Sectors,” yet I’m stoked to see what else is out there.


Destiny 1 had a bent to spin each story goal into “fight 3 waves of enemies.” Destiny 2 does better. You’re still sharpened a same aliens—Fallen, Vex, Cabal, Hive, and even Taken—but this time around, a missions have additional complications. You competence have to bound between platforms above a electric seas of Titan or puncture low into a Vault of Glass-inspired Vex intricacy while saving a crony on Nessus. Along a way, you’ll listen to comical conversations and anecdotes from characters both new and old. Particularly beguiling is Failsafe, an AI with separate personalities that operation from good to murderous. (She contingency have been a blast for Bungie to write.) We’ve come a prolonged approach from “I don’t have time to explain because we don’t have time to explain.”

None of these new constructional improvements would work if not for a approach Destiny 2 feels to play, which, I’m gratified to report, is only as fantastic as Destiny 1. Shooting aliens is only as punchy and gratifying as it ever was. Bungie has tempered a efficiency of shotguns and sniper rifles interjection to a new rigging complement that groups them with rocket launchers, alloy rifles, grenade launchers, and other singular “power” weapons. You can’t arm yourself with some-more than one energy weapon, so, distinct in a initial game, we can’t fast barter from palm cannon to sniper purloin to rocket launcher. This time, you’ll switch between dual primary weapons (auto rifles, beat rifles, director rifles, palm cannons) and one special one. From what I’ve seen so far, this complement is fine. Ammo is some-more abundant than it was in Destiny 2’s beta, and your special abilities recharge some-more quickly, too.

One thing Bungie has never gotten adequate credit for is a farrago of Destiny’s characters, who are not only white dudes and robots yet instead uncover a far-reaching operation of personalities and ethnicities.

Destiny 2 looks incredible. All 4 maps are full of overwhelming vistas and pleasing skies, and unsaddled by last-gen hardware, Destiny 2 has some implausible graphical wizardry. The music, stoical by a handful of musicians including Bungie veterans Michael Salvatori and C. Paul Johnson, is shockingly good.

There are still lots of small annoyances to protest about, and we have no doubt that I’ll find some-more over time. You still can’t idle rob while in a safe screen, for example. Inventory government is still a pain. You’ll mostly see a Ghost idol cocktail adult in a tip right corner, indicating that there’s something circuitously to indicate for some good science details, yet a diversion doesn’t do a good pursuit of revelation we how to find it, and mostly it appears in a center of complicated firefights.

I haven’t nonetheless run into anything in Destiny 2 that feels unchanging or grindy, yet after 3 years and 600 hours of Destiny, I’m dreading a suspicion of this game’s chronicle of a outlandish sword quest. we already felt tinges of PTSD after using into Destiny 2’s element deposits, carrying squandered dozens of hours of my life tillage for Spinmetal and Spirit Bloom. But so far, so good. Bungie has done something impressive, and we can’t wait to see what else is coming.

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