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11 Things You Didn’t Know About a Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan Drama

It was “the strike listened around a world.” In Jan 1994, figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was clubbed in a knee during use before a U.S. Women’s Championships in Detroit — and a perpetrator was a hitman hired by a ex-husband of her rival, Tonya Harding. The intolerable sports liaison is a theme of a new film “I, Tonya.” But here’s a thespian backstory between a dual skaters that we didn’t see:

They common a lectern during a 1992 World Championship.

Team USA swept a medals during a World Figure Skating Championships — a initial time a singular nation had finished so. Kristi Yamaguchi took gold, while Kerrigan won bronze and Harding got silver. Yamaguchi late from a competition after that win, and many believed Kerrigan would be a subsequent face of a sport.

Kerrigan was a heavenly of figure skating.

Harding was an considerable skater with unmatched athleticism — she was the initial woman to try and land a triple axel. But Kerrigan was a heavenly of ice skating, racking adult endorsements as a face of companies like Campbell’s Soup and Revlon. Harding, meanwhile, had no endorsements or sponsorships after a ’92 championships.

“She was a good skater and we was a good skater though she was treated like this queen,” Harding says of Kerrigan in a documentary The Price of Gold.

Though both women came from blue-collar backgrounds, they were pitted opposite any other as opposites in a lead-up to a 1994 Olympics.

“You feel bad for her, to not have that fast home,” Kerrigan told Sports Illustrated of Harding. “I am so lucky. It wasn’t easy. we remember counting buliding and my relatives counting income to buy groceries. But we lived in one place with dual relatives and it was stable. we had grandparents dual houses divided … It’s not like we was a princess. we happened to have good viewpoint so we looked a part, we guess.”

Harding says she was sleeping when a conflict happened.

Kerrigan was entrance off a ice after use in Detroit when she was strike in a right knee by a male weilding a military baton. The assailant escaped, and a issue was held on tape, with Kerrigan famously yelling out in pain, “Why? Why? Why? Why me?”

“I was sleeping when we found out what had happened,” Harding pronounced in The Price of Gold. “My manager woke me adult and told me. we had a use after on. we was frightened to death, being out on that ice since nobody was caught.”

It was days before Harding was concerned in a attack.

Local publisher Ann Schatz perceived an unknown minute implicating Harding, her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly, and Harding’s bodyguards in a conflict on Kerrigan. “I’m thinking, this could be a start of something unequivocally crazy,” Schatz says in The Price of Gold, “because this says they hatched a plan.” Schatz called Harding, who concluded to be interviewed about it.

“I can’t trust it. Why does someone wish to disprove me? we only don’t understand,” Harding told Schatz. In a documentary, Harding says that after a interview, she asked Gillooly, “What did we do?” and that he responded by conflict her.

The minute was eventually incited over to FBI agents who detected a lady who’d created a minute had schooled about a conflict from a father of one of Harding’s bodyguards.

Gillooly told authorities Harding was in on formulation a conflict from a beginning.

Harding’s ex told authorities that she called a Tony Kent Arena, where Kerrigan used in Michigan, to find out her report to assistance coordinate an attack. Harding denied his indictment when asked about it by a FBI. Gillooly even gave a FBI a throw square of paper with a name of a locus jotted down, observant Harding had created it. The FBI tested a handwriting and dynamic that some of a essay was Harding’s though that other portions were Gillooly’s.

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