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2 military officers shot and killed in Westerville, Ohio

WESTERVILLE, Ohio — Two military officers were fatally shot in Ohio on Saturday afternoon, authorities said. The sharpened think was bleeding in a occurrence and taken to a circuitously hospital.

One officer was killed during a sharpened and another died in medicine during Ohio State University Medical Center, a Westerville Police Department orator told CBS News.

The sharpened took place around 11:30 a.m. Saturday on Crosswind Drive. Officers were responding to a 911 call during a address, and were dismissed on when they arrived during a scene.

CBS Columbus associate WBNS posted images that showed mixed military cruisers during a scene. Westerville is located 15 miles north of Columbus.

“We are deeply saddened to news that one of a officers has been killed in a line of duty,” a City of Westerville tweeted Saturday. “Please continue to follow behind for some-more information.”

Sen. Kevin Bacon, R-Minerva Park, released a matter charity condolences to a officers’ families.

“Our hearts and prayers are with a Westerville officers, their friends, families and a Westerville Police Department during this formidable time,” Bacon said. “Now is one of those times and we — as a village — contingency convene behind a families and associate officers.”


WBNS images uncover a stage where dual officers were shot in Westerville, Ohio.

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