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2018 Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review: Read in comfort during a pool or beach

Reading books is a approach for me to shun into other worlds, enhance my believe base, and relax while commuting, traveling, and vacationing. Last year we purchased a Kindle Oasis given it combined an IPx8 waterproof rating and we wanted to review by a pool, on a beach, and wherever we competence be.

On Oct 16, 2018, Amazon announced a newest member of a Kindle family, a all-new 2018 chronicle of a Kindle Paperwhite with a many particular new underline being a waterproof design. This new Kindle Paperwhite also has a IPX8 waterproof rating and I’ve been regulating it on a Caribbean journey in a pool, prohibited tub, and beach with good success.

Although we have a Kindle Oasis, a Kindle Paperwhite is scarcely half a cost so is a expected choice for a masses. The vital differences between a new Kindle Paperwhite, 10th era device and fourth Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Oasis embody 6 in. vs 7 in. display, 5 LEDs vs 12 LEDs for backlighting with a Oasis adding an adaptive light sensor, and all touchscreen vs touchscreen and earthy page spin buttons.

When compared to a many new Kindle Paperwhite, 7th Generation 2015 release, a waterproof rating, double volume of storage, Bluetooth for Audible support, and significantly reduced weight (23-26 grams with a sleeker pattern are reasons a stream Kindle Paperwhite owners might wish to upgrade.


  • Display: 6 in. glare-free 16-level gray scale with 300 ppi
  • Storage: 8GB or 32GB internal
  • Water insurgency rating: IPx8
  • Material: Soft reason cosmetic body
  • Integrated backlight: 5 LEDs
  • Battery life: Weeks for reading
  • Wireless connectivity: 801.11 b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth, mobile choice for $50 more
  • Dimensions: 167 x 116 x 8.18 mm and 182 grams (191 grams for 4G LTE)


Over a years we have owned a few Kindle models and still have a initial indication Kindle Paperwhite, this is a fourth in a Paperwhite line. That indication no longer has all a latest facilities and we left it behind for a Oasis final year with no regrets. That said, it certain has been good to reason and review a Kindle that is one in. narrower in width. Sometimes, a Oasis can be a bit ungainly to reason in one hand.

The arrangement is a touchscreen and it looks fanciful with smashing clarity and even backlighting interjection to a 5 LEDs. There are 24 levels of lighting too. This new Paperwhite has a same 300 ppi fortitude as a Kindle Oasis and even yet it has 5 LEDs instead of 12, we have enjoyed a sincerely unchanging backlighting knowledge while reading on a airplane, in bed during a let house, and while in a bed of my journey cabin.

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I have also spent time reading a Kindle Paperwhite by a pool and on a beach, with extraordinary clarity in a approach sun. As we get comparison and start regulating reading glasses, it is a fun to boost my rise on a Kindle and suffer reading though glasses.

There are no buttons or any openings on a tip or dual sides with a microUSB pier and arise symbol on a bottom. we certain wish Amazon would pierce to a USB-C standard, though we overtly don’t have to assign it that mostly so it isn’t that most of a pain to find aged microUSB cables around.

This analysis section is a WiFi/cellular indication so it has connected around both means over a past week. Cellular information is giveaway for downloading and syncing book content.

This new Kindle Paperwhite adds Bluetooth to a brew so we can bond your Bluetooth headphones and suffer Audible content. we have about 20 Audible books in my collection so downloaded a few to exam out on my vacation. Playback with a illusory Jabra Elite Active 65t headset has been flawless.

The behind and edges are all soothing reason element so there is critical reason supposing by a device. It hasn’t once slipped out of my hands.

You can squeeze an Amazon random coverage insurance devise that covers one year ($19.99), dual years ($24.99), or 3 years ($29.99). You can make adult to 3 claims during a tenure of your devise and given a waterproof rating, along with a probability of regulating a Kindle in a soppy environment, profitable a few bucks some-more for a insurance devise sounds like a advantageous investment.

Amazon also has central accessories available, including a shade guardian ($12.99), water protected fabric covers ($29.99), leather covers ($39.99), and a premium leather cover ($59.99).

A black leather cover was sent along to exam out with a new Kindle Paperwhite. This leather cover is accessible in Black, Cobalt Purple, Merlot, and Punch Red. The right side has a cosmetic support that firmly binds a Kindle Paperwhite in place. A magnet on a behind helps reason a front opposite a behind when we have it open for reading. The cover opens like a book and wakes a Kindle when we open it adult for reading. It’s a good looking box that works reliably and protects a shade of your Kindle when not in use.


The usability of a new Kindle Paperwhite is identical to what I’ve been experiencing on a Kindle Oasis. There is an updated home knowledge that provides we with recommendations formed on your reading history, including books from Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reading. You can also perspective some of your reading stats, that is engaging for fans of data.

There are a series of settings on a device to customize your viewing, reading, and listening experience. Some are accessible from a home shade while others are accessible while reading a book. You can entirely customize your rise and page settings with 9 rise options, 5 confidant options, 14 rise sizes, spacing, margins, orientation, alignment, and more. You can customize all of this and afterwards save your stream environment to a new thesis too so your reading knowledge is adult to your full control.

I still can't find an choice to capacitate a 24 hour clock, that is what we cite to use on all of my devices. However, we can name to uncover or censor a time while reading.

Other settings embody reading and page modernise toggles, languages, parental controls, Bluetooth headphone connectors and WiFi connections, parental controls, and most some-more in propinquity to what is shown on a arrangement as we read.

The tip navigation bar has buttons for home, back, settings, Goodreads, Store, search, and menu. The discerning settings give we vast symbol entrance to aeroplane mode, Bluetooth toggle, sync, all settings, and backlight control slider. The menu takes we to a Kindle store, Audible store, restart, reset, device info, and authorised info.

While we are reading a book, a daub nearby a tip opens a navigation bar with a bar next it for Page Display, Go To, and bookmarks. A daub of a menu symbol gives we options for emporium Kindle store, wording builder, settings, invalidate touchscreen, notes, about this book, about a author, X-Ray, sync to farthest read, and share.

I’ve never unequivocally used X-Ray in books before, though some of a chronological non-fiction books we am reading lend themselves to this functionality. It is a good approach to find out some-more about people and a wording of a day when reading such books and adds to a reading experience.

You can name to uncover your plcae in a book, page in a book, time left in a chapter, or time left in a book on a bottom. You can name zero if we like as well. The time can also be toggled while reading.

A appropriate adult from a bottom while reading gives we a cold discerning navigation perspective with a ability to daub a right idol and see thumbnails for a 4 pages before and 4 pages after where we are reading. This can be accessible if we wish to fast burst around new text.

Tapping and holding on a word gives we a ability to prominence it, supplement a note, share it, or search. The compendium opens adult in a pop-up window on a page to uncover we definitions. You can also pierce a ends of a selectors to prominence or share some-more than only a singular word.

The new Kindle Paperwhite supports Audible books around a Bluetooth headset. While we would adore to have seen a 3.5mm headset jack, phone manufacturers are murdering this customary pier too so it is distinct that a Kindle Paperwhite doesn’t have one, generally with a concentration on gaining a waterproof rating.

You can play, pause, skip back, or skip forward regulating a Kindle Audible play screen. You can adjust your speed and supplement bookmarks too. Audio plays shrill and transparent by my Bluetooth headset, though we can't go behind to a home shade to crop a bookstore or review along while we listen. The audio stops if we pierce divided from a Audible book, that is a bit hapless during times.

Price and competition

The bottom 8GB WiFi Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is accessible for $129.99 with special offers. The burst to 32GB costs $30, a burst to mobile connectivity is $70, and if we wish to mislay a special offers from a lockscreen we can compensate Amazon $20.

Amazon is also now charity 6 months of giveaway Kindle Unlimited use for giveaway with a new Kindle Paperwhite purchase. That’s scarcely a $60 assets right there so this is a good time to collect adult a new Kindle Paperwhite.

Daily use practice and conclusion

Last year’s Kindle Oasis was an easy justification for me given we wanted a waterproof Kindle to take everywhere with me. Having that device encouraged me to try a Kindle Unlimited use that we have been entirely enjoying for a final few months as we get behind into my adore of reading.

The new Kindle Paperwhite brings that assent of mind and confidence of a waterproof device during a most reduce entrance cost than a Kindle Oasis. As most as we suffer regulating it, a earthy buttons of a Oasis will keep me regulating that device for one handed page flipping.

While we can review Kindle books on many other devices, we wrote in 2009 that distraction-free single-purpose devices like a Kindle give we a most improved reading experience. When we read, we wish during slightest 30 mins of undeviating time to concentration on a book and ride myself into a universe where a book takes place. This is improved than a practical existence knowledge for me and it takes a dedicated ebook reader to get me there.

The new Kindle Paperwhite is a plain expansion in a Kindle ecosystem. Amazon did not only supplement waterproofing to a Kindle, though updated a pattern and offers business some-more capability with it during a reasonable price.

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