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23-year-old Singaporean dies in automobile pile-up in Malaysia after Woodlands Checkpoint

SINGAPORE – A 23-year-old Singaporean male died in a automobile pile-up on Saturday (May 20) in Malaysia only after Woodlands Checkpoint.

The man, who The Straits Times understands was vital in Malaysia and whose mom is Malaysian, was announced passed on a stage by Malaysian paramedics, an watcher said.

Malaysian military on Saturday reliable with ST that a male was a Singaporean, Mr Victor Rubindranraj.

Mr Farid Rosnam, a 30-year-old Singaporean operative who saw a accident, told ST that it occurred after 3am on Saturday.

“I was roving my bike when we saw a automobile pass by. Just about dual seconds after going past my bike, it strike a divider,” he said.

The male was flung out of a car and pennyless his left leg, he said. The automobile after held fire.

Malaysian paramedics arrived and announced him dead, pronounced Mr Farid.

The Straits Times saw a throng of about 50 looking on during about 4.15am. An ambulance and a glow engine were during a scene.

A lady who pronounced she was Mr Rubindranraj’s crony after arrived and was seen great there.

Pictures of a stage uncover Mr Rubindranraj’s automobile wrecked and scorched.

He was alone when it happened, said Mr Farid, who pronounced he did not see any other car concerned in a accident.

Mr Farid stayed until 5am before he left, as he wanted to make certain things were alright. He pronounced he did not see anyone arrested, and pronounced a ambulance left after dogmatic a male dead.

Correction note: An progressing chronicle of a story settled that a man’s name is Victor Rabindranraj. His name is Victor Rubindranraj. We are contemptible for a error.

Article source: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/24-year-old-singaporean-dies-in-car-crash-in-malaysia-after-woodlands-checkpoint