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28 hours of hell: CNN organisation held in center of all-out attack in Mosul

Updated 6:04 PM ET, Sat Nov 5, 2016

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Mosul, Iraq (CNN)For some-more than 28 hours, CNN comparison general match Arwa Damon and photojournalist Brice Laine were with Iraqi special army during their pull into ISIS-held Mosul. It was a new proviso of a ransom operation — switching from villages and open turf to a unenlightened city that a well-equipped ISIS is dynamic to defend.

        Iraqi special army allege on a hinterland of Mosul, Iraq, as an airstrike targets ISIS positions on Friday, Nov 4. An Iraqi-led descent is underway to retrieve Mosul, Iraqs second-largest city and a final vital building for ISIS in a country.Iraqi soldiers unit an alley on a hinterland of Mosul on Nov 4. Heavy fighting erupted in Mosuls eastern neighborhoods as Iraqi special army pushed serve into a city.Rockets are dismissed from a Qayyara infantry bottom on Nov 4. Iraq is heading a bloc that also includes Kurdish and American troops.A suspected member of ISIS is incarcerated during a checkpoint nearby Bartella, Iraq, on Nov 4.A procession of trucks carries replaced people divided from Mosul on Nov 4. Iraqi army have released dozens of villages in their allege on Mosul, nonetheless some-more than 1 million civilians are still trapped in a ISIS-held city.Iraqi families rush a fighting on Nov 4 nearby a encampment of Gogjali. Thousands are holding retreat in camps set adult for internally replaced people.A lady pauses in a pathway of a tent in a Khazer stay on Nov 4.Iraqi families container into a lorry to be changed to camps on Thursday, Nov 3.A member of Iraqs special army uses a helmet as a fake while a sniper takes aim during ISIS positions in Gogjali on Nov 3.A child peers by a automobile window in a encampment of Bazwaya on Nov 3.Children play nearby a blazing oil margin in Qayyara, south of Mosul, on Nov 3.A lady waves to Iraqi soldiers patrolling Gogjali on Wednesday, Nov 2.The graves of 8 family members are seen in Faziliya, north of Mosul, on Tuesday, Nov 1. The family was killed in late Oct when their home was strike in an airstrike.An Iraqi special army infantryman searches for a plcae of an ISIS sniper in Gogjali on Nov 1.A male journey a encampment of Bazwaia carries a white dwindle as he arrives during a checkpoint on Nov 1.An Iraqi infantryman guards a Bertilla front on Nov 1. Iraq is heading a bloc that also includes Kurdish and American troops.Iraqi army glow artillery during ISIS targets on a Bertilla front on Nov 1.Iraqi army run for cover after a trebuchet bombard struck nearby a encampment of Bazwaya on Monday, Oct 31.An Iraqi infantryman receives diagnosis after being harmed during clashes with ISIS fighters nearby Bazwaya on Oct 31.Iraqi soldiers lift an harmed comrade nearby Bazwaya on Oct 31.An Iraqi infantryman navigates by a cracked windshield as bloc army allege on Bazwaya on Oct 31.Archbishop Yohanna Petros Mouche, center, performs Mass in a released city of Qaraqosh on Sunday, Oct 30.Children play in a stay for internally replaced people nearby Kirkuk, Iraq, on Oct 30. More than 600 families from Tel Afar, a city west of Mosul, have been vital in a stay given ISIS took control of a area in 2014.Shiite fighters launch missiles opposite ISIS in a encampment of Salmani, south of Mosul, on Oct 30.Shiite fighters allege toward Salmani on Oct 30.Displaced families are seen on a highway nearby Qayyara, south of Mosul, on Saturday, Oct 29.U.S. infantry crew take cover in a fort after a trebuchet alarm was sounded during a bloc atmosphere bottom in Qayyara on Friday, Oct 28. An Iraqi army member stands on tip a infantry automobile nearby a encampment of Sin al-Dhuban, south of Mosul, on Thursday, Oct 27.Iraqi army allege toward Sin al-Dhuban on Oct 27.Women and children suffer over a grave of a family member during a Qayyara tomb shop-worn by ISIS on Oct 27.Iraqis who fled Mosul reunite with kin during a interloper stay in a Khazir area on Wednesday, Oct 26.A family walks nearby billowing fume from blazing oil wells and sulfur fires that were set by ISIS fighters on Oct 26.An Iraqi sovereign military automobile clears a checkpoint in Qayyara on Oct 26.Residents of Qayyara wait for placement of food and H2O rations on Oct 26. Local H2O sources have been infested by a blazing oil and sulfur.A lady wears a facade to assuage her problem respirating due to a infested atmosphere in Qayyara on Oct 26.Iraqi army unit a Kirkuk area for members of ISIS on Oct 25. The apprehension organisation has launched warn attacks in other tools of Iraq, including Kirkuk, to confuse bloc army from a Mosul debate and to tie adult their resources elsewhere.Iraqs counterterrorism army allege toward ISIS positions in Tob Zawa on Oct 25.Soldiers give initial assist to an harmed child in Tob Zawa on Oct 25. Iraqi families transport during a stay for replaced people nearby Qayyara on Monday, Oct 24.Families replaced by a Mosul operation wait for food nearby Qayyara on Oct 24.Displaced families accumulate nearby Qayyara on Oct 24.The replaced accept food nearby Qayyara on Oct 24. Kurdish Peshmerga army take positions as they start to pierce toward a Imam Reza and Tizxirab villages of a Bashiqa district on Sunday, Oct 23.Iraqi army discharge fruit to children in a encampment of al-Khuwayn, south of Mosul, after recapturing it from ISIS on Oct 23.Spent bullet cartridges spawn a transport around a Jihad Hotel on Oct 22, where ISIS militants battled Iraqi confidence army in Kirkuk a prior day.Kurdish confidence army catch a suspected member of ISIS in a eastern suburbs of Kirkuk on Saturday, Oct 22.An Iraqi army member helps a male pull a automobile as they arrive during a interloper stay in Qayyara on Oct 22.Iraqi special army reason a cranky found in a Christian city of Bartella on Oct 22. Iraqi army recaptured Bartella though still faced some insurgency in a area.An Iraqi child who mislaid an eye in fighting between supervision army and ISIS poses for a sketch in a Debaga interloper stay on Oct 22.Gen. Abdel Ghani al-Asadi, who leads Iraqs counterterrorism forces, sits in Bartella on Friday, Oct 21 after a city was reclaimed.Peshmerga fighters demeanour over a encampment during an conflict nearby Bashiqa on Oct 20.A bloc warrior covers his ears before another fires artillery on ISIS positions in Nawaran on Oct 20.Peshmerga army are seen during an conflict on ISIS targets in a encampment of Naveran.A dwindle flies as Peshmerga fighters ready to glow a rocket nearby Bashiqa on Oct 20.A Peshmerga warrior takes aim nearby Naveran on Oct 20.Iraqi soldiers transport along a highway nearby Qayyara as clouds of black fume arise in a sky on Wednesday, Oct 19.Iraqi army glow a howitzer toward a encampment of Tall al-Tibah on Oct 19.Iraqi soldiers lift their weapons in jubilee on a hinterland of Qayyara on Oct 19.Iraqi soldiers demeanour on as fume rises from a Qayyara area.A transport is lonesome with fume from a Qayyara fire.Iraqi army conduct toward a front lines nearby Qayyara on Tuesday, Oct 18.Iraqi army in Bajwaniyah on Oct 18.Smoke rises from an ISIS position after a bloc airstrike in Mosul on Oct 18.Civilians flock sheep from a encampment nearby Mosul on Oct 18. The fume came from oil wells ISIS set on glow to extent a prominence of bloc pilots.Kurdish Peshmerga army are on a front line in Nineveh, Iraq, on Oct 18.A Peshmerga warrior peers adult from an subterraneous hovel in a released city of Badana on Oct 18. ISIS fighters have built tunnels next residential streets to shun from airstrikes.Armored vehicles driven by Peshmerga army pierce along a Hazir front on Oct 18.Kurdish confidence army take adult a position nearby ISIS-controlled villages on Monday, Oct 17.Peshmerga army conflict ISIS militants with howitzers from Zardak towering on Oct 17. Smoke rises from a self-murder automobile explosve conflict carried out by ISIS in a encampment of Bedene on Oct 17.A Kurdish Peshmerga procession drives towards a Khazer front line, about 30 kilometers (19 miles) easterly of Mosul on Oct 17.Members of a Iraqi bloc accumulate around a glow during Zardak towering forward of a offensive.Peshmerga army muster in a dim nearby a encampment of Wardak early on Oct 17.A Sunni Iraqi military officer prays during a Qayyara airbase on Oct 16.12 mosul operation 110413 mosul operation 110414 mosul operation 110405 mosul operation 110406 mosul operation 110408 mosul operation 110404 mosul operation 110410 mosul operation 110409 mosul peration 110308 mosul peration 110307 mosul peration 110304 mosul operation 110205 mosul peration 110301 mosul operation 110304 mosul peration 1103 RESTRICTED02 Mosul operation 1101 RESTRICTED01 Mosul operation 1101 RESTRICTED02 mosul operation 103103 mosul operation 103101 mosul operation 103104 mosul operation 103104 mosul operation 103005 mosul operation 103001 mosul operation 103006 mosul operation 103002 mosul operation 102905 mosul operation 102807 mosul operation 102808 mosul operation 102812 mosul operation 102814 mosul operation 102816 mosul operation 1028 RESTRICTED15 mosul operation 102818 mosul operation 1028 RESTRICTED17 mosul operation 1028 RESTRICTED02 mosul operation 102603 mosul operation 102604 mosul operation 102607 mosul operation 102608 mosul operation 102601 Mosul operation 102402 Mosul operation 102401 Mosul operation 1023 RESTRICTED03 Mosul operation 102318 mosul week one RESTRICTED01 Mosul Kirkuk 102211 mosul week one02 Mosul Bartella 102205 Mosul operation 102305 Mosul Bartella 1021 01 Mosul operation 102011 mosul operation 102004 Mosul operation 1020 RESTRICTED07 Mosul operation 102008 Mosul operation 1020 RESTRICTED03 Mosul operation 102009 mosul operation 101907 mosul operation 101912 mosul operation 101911 mosul operation 101902 mosul operation 101906 Mosul 101808 Mosul 101809 Mosul 1018 RESTRICTED02 Mosul 1018 RESTRICTED mosul gallery05 Mosul 101804 Mosul 1018 RESTRICTED01 mosul 101811 mosul 1017 RESTRICTED17 mosul 1017 RESTRICTED 01 mosul 101710 mosul 101713 mosul 101708 mosul 1016 for print gallery

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