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3 ways to retard domestic posts from your Facebook feed

If you’re sleepy of saying one domestic diatribe after another when we corkscrew by Facebook — it’s time to start filtering your friends’ politics-heavy Facebook posts from your changed news feed.

During a election, Facebook users searched for apps that betrothed to mislay references to “Hillary Clinton” or “Donald Trump” from their feeds. Now, some users are looking for an “off switch” altogether.

If we wish to take a small mangle from politics, and we don’t have a heart to unfriend people, we might wish to cruise contrast out these 3 elementary methods:

Download a “Remove All Politics From Facebook” Chrome extension


Google Chrome plugin “Remove All Politics From Facebook” allows users to mislay “all politics” from their Facebook feed.

A Google Chrome prolongation called “Remove All Politics From Facebook” gives Facebook users a ability to spin domestic posts “on” and “off.” The developer didn’t mention accurately how a plugin identifies domestic posts, and users don’t have control over what gets held in a filter. They’re usually given one option: to filter out all politics.

CNET tested out a product on Election Day, proof that a plugin works — during slightest when it comes to a Trending territory on your home page. “Unfortunately, memes will still exist,” a developer remarkable in an online description. Another limitation: It usually works in a Chrome browser.

Try a “Social Fixer” plugin


“Social Fixer” allows Facebook users to customize their new feeds, permitting them to retard certain topics from appearing on their home page.

Unlike a Chrome plugin, “Social Fixer” works on mixed browsers, including Safari and Firefox, and it gives we a ability to customize your Facebook feed. “Social Fixer” allows users to censor stories by keyword, author or focus in further to giving users a choice to classify their feed into tabs.

And it doesn’t usually extent itself to politics. It also gives users a choice to censor sponsored posts, spoilers, luminary report and more

Hide or Unfollow a post or profile


To “unfollow” or “hide” a post on Facebook, we can click on a tip right arrow located on your friend’s post.

If you’re not worried by each singular domestic post on your feed, and we usually wish hide a handful of posts by a name series of your Facebook friends, afterwards this might be a best choice for you. You can “unfollow” a user by hovering your rodent over their Facebook post and clicking “Unfollow” — or, if you’re on mobile, click a down arrow on a righthand side of their post to “Unfollow.” This allows we to stay friends with that user, though it prevents their destiny posts from attack your news feed. Refreshing, right? 

If we wish to simply see fewer of that person’s posts in your news feed, though not banish them entirely, afterwards we can select “Hide Post.” In further to stealing a quite irritating post, this notifies Facebook that you’re reduction meddlesome in conference from this sold user, so we won’t see as most of them surfacing in your feed in a future.

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