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4 common Amazon Echo problems and how to repair them

When they work as intended, Amazon’s Echo, Dot and Tap speakers are utterly considerable and save a con of carrying to whip out a phone to change a tone of intelligent lights or a heat environment of a thermostat. And a Alexa voice partner gets some-more useful a some-more smart-home inclination we supplement to your collection.

But things don’t always go as designed and Amazon didn’t emanate a truly flawless product. Alexa has issues of a own. Here are some of a many common Alexa problems and how to repair them.

Understanding a light ring

The immeasurable infancy of a time, Alexa sits around totally asleep with no standing indicators until called upon. But a ring around a tip of a Echo and Echo Dot lights adult in 6 colors, that prove 5 opposite things.

Sarah Tew/CNET
  • Cyan and stately blue are used together. They spin and peep after a arise word is spoken, during your authority and via Alexa’s response. These also seem during a foot process.
  • Red means you’ve activated a tongue-tied switch on tip of a speaker.
  • Orange means a device is perplexing to bond to a wireless network.
  • Violet appears when a problem occurs during Wi-Fi setup.
  • White is used to prove a volume spin when we possibly manually spin a volume ring or change a volume by voice.

The standing indicator is a tiny opposite on a Amazon Tap. It comes in a form of 5 little LEDs along a tip front corner of a speaker.


Chris Monroe/CNET
  • The lights beat cyan and blue while powering up.
  • They gleam cyan when we press a microphone symbol and pronounce a authority and beat while Alexa processes a command.
  • Pulsing red lights meant Alexa could not finish or routine your command.
  • Pulsing amber lights from left to right meant a orator is in setup mode, watchful for we to span it with a network regulating a Alexa app.
  • Pulsing blue lights meant a orator is in Bluetooth pairing mode.

Problems with Alexa

In my time with a Amazon Echo, I’ve had really few problems, many of that were really simply resolved with a energy cycle and a few elementary tweaks or adjustments. Here are some solutions to problems we competence encounter.

Alexa can't find your smart-home devices


Chris Monroe/CNET

If we are perplexing to supplement smart-home inclination to your Alexa speaker, initial check to make certain a device we wish to supplement is natively supported. That list is constantly growing, including inclination like a Ecobee3 and lines from companies such as Honeywell, Insteon, Lifx, Nest, Philips Hue and Wink. However, distant some-more inclination have combined central Alexa support by approach of Skills.

To supplement a new device, open a Alexa app, navigate to Smart Home and daub Discover devices underneath a Your Devices section. Even if your inclination aren’t natively upheld and don’t have Skills, you’re not wholly out of luck. Alexa has an central IFTTT channel and also integrates with Yonomi, both of that have an endless list of upheld smart-home devices.

If you’ve already combined your inclination though Alexa can't seem to bond to them, there are during slightest dual probable solutions.

  • Check a authority you’re using, aka your invocation. The commands change a lot between opposite devices, Skills and a connected use like IFTTT. They can be infrequently specific commands, and tiny differences in a phrasing or names of a inclination can chuck Alexa for a loop.
  • Some smart-home inclination have difficulty staying connected due to program problems, swarming networks, being always on or other issues. My Lifx bulbs go offline each few days, digest any commands we emanate to Alexa useless. A elementary energy cycle of a connected inclination (in my case, a flip of a light switch) will customarily repair any connectivity problems you’re having.

If that doesn’t repair a issue, try rebooting a orator as good as stealing a device and adding it once some-more from scratch.

Frequent disconnects from a wireless network

If a Echo, Echo Dot or Tap isn’t staying connected to your network consistently enough, there are a few guidelines we can follow to try and urge connectivity.

First, power-cycle all — a router, modem and Alexa speaker. After that, try streaming audio for a few mins to see if a emanate arises again. If so, try to pierce a orator divided from other devices, preferably closer to a router, and try switching a orator to a 5GHz channel to diminution interference.

Alexa is no longer conference we properly

Over time, we competence notice that a Alexa speakers seem not to hear we as good as they once did.


Try not to throng a speakers. Leave during slightest 8 inches (20.3 centimeters) of space around them.

Again, a good place to start is branch a orator off and on again. If this doesn’t repair a issue, try relocating a orator divided from obstructions and during slightest 8 inches (20.3 centimeters) from a wall.

In new months, I’ve beheld that my Echo has some-more and some-more difficulty conference me than it did when we initial bought it. Then it dawned on me. we bought a Echo when it was still winter. We’re now median by summer and my atmosphere conditioning is using constantly. It’s shrill and significantly raises a ambient sound spin in a room. Before we changed it, a Echo was also positioned nearby a cold atmosphere return, and when a AC was on, we had to plan my voice for a orator to hear a arise word. When a AC was off or we changed it divided from a vent, we found Alexa had no difficulty conference me pronounce routinely from scarcely 20 feet (6 meters) away.

In other words, if we have any loud appliances, pierce a Alexa orator divided from those to revoke a ambient sound level.

Additionally, we can use Voice Training, that is underneath Settings in a Alexa app. You’ll review 25 phrases aloud in a “typical voice from a standard distance” so Alexa can improved know you.

Accidental activation

If you’re a fan of a radio uncover “Mr. Robot,” we expected held a Amazon Echo mentions in part 3 of a second season. If your orator is anywhere nearby your television, examination this episode, or anything with lines that sound identical to a default arise word, competence activate your speaker.

It’s harmless, though it’s still a bother when Alexa starts vocalization neglected responses over a TV uncover you’re perplexing to watch. There are 3 things we can do to minimize this:

  • Move a orator over from a television.
  • Press a tongue-tied switch on tip while examination TV.
  • Change a arise word from a default “Alexa” to possibly “Echo” or “Amazon.”

Voice activation is an area where Amazon could mount to make some ubiquitous improvements, such as training a specific person’s voice (a la Motorola’s Trusted Voice feature) or needing tradition arise words.


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