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5 reasons a Washington Capitals were separated by a Pittsburgh Penguins (again)

I don’t adore fixation importance on intangibles or things that can’t be quantified, though it’s tough to omit it in this case.

The Capitals outplayed a Penguins for many of this series, during slightest on paper. However, when a stakes were a top and things mattered most, they folded.

The Penguins usually outshot a Caps in 5 periods of this whole series, and dual of them came in Game 7.

In what was eventually a final duration of their season, a Capitals played awful. At a time where they should have been a many unfortunate and aggressive, a Capitals were out-shot 10-4 and out-chanced in risk areas 5-2. 

It was a pitiable bid in break time. 

Maybe a Penguins only picked a good time to play their best period, though maybe this Capitals group only isn’t built for large games. Maybe a a genius thing. Maybe a because this group has, and will continue to have, a repute it does.

This quote from Backstrom after Game 7 creates me consider that maybe it’s some-more mental that we was primarily peaceful to admit: 

“We didn’t remove a array tonight, we mislaid it in a initial 3 games, 4 games.”

If we were a Capitals fan, that quote wouldn’t lay good with me.

I know that Backstrom was referring to a fact that things didn’t go their approach early on and that they found themselves in a array hole that they had to stand out of. It’s a tough charge to win 3 true playoff games opposite a reigning Cup champions.

But when we force a Game 7, a line-up is wiped clean. Nothing before that matters anymore. You should be pulling each other diversion in a array so distant out of your mind. Backstrom looks bad for being so discerning to move adult prior games.

And he’s wrong, they did remove a array in Game 7. They had a possibility to win a series, though they didn’t. They got significantly outplayed and they lost. 

Now all that’s left is a disadvantage from another throttle pursuit in D.C.

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