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6 new uses for your aged iPad


No, hulk selfies aren’t one of them.

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If a attainment of Apple’s latest iPad is tantalizing we to upgrade, we competence be debating a predestine of your aged iPad.

Two options: keep or sell. The latter can net we some supports to assistance defray a cost of a new tablet; here are some tips on selling used iPads for limit profit.

But there are copiousness of reasons to keep that aged iPad around. The many obvious, during slightest for parents: Fill it adult with educational games, e-books and a like, and give it to a kids.

You can also persevere an aged iPad to a specific charge or set of tasks. Let’s take a demeanour during some unsentimental ways to wring some-more life from that aging tablet.

1. Full-time imitation frame


An app like LiveFrame can spin your aged iPad into an glorious digital imitation frame.

Photo by Rick Broida/CNET

The digital imitation frames of yesteryear were small, low-resolution and a pain in a neck. But your iPad can broach a ultimate photo-frame experience, revolving by hundreds or even thousands of photos in a everlasting slideshow.

Unfortunately, Apple private a iOS Picture Frame mode years ago, that was designed specifically for this purpose. But we can accomplish some-more or reduction a same thing by environment adult a dedicated iCloud imitation album, afterwards tweaking your iPad’s settings so it continues to arrangement a slideshow of that album.

I’ll explain how to set that adult in a destiny post. In a meantime, or as an alternative, check out LiveFrame, a giveaway app that displays photos from not only your imitation library, yet also your Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and other accounts. (If we wish to mislay ads, it’ll cost we $1.99.)

From there, you’ll only need a good iPad mount and a circuitously opening so it has full-time power. Trust me: Once we start regulating a imitation frame, you’ll never wish to live yet it.

2. Dedicated song server

You might not consider of your iPad as a song machine, as that large shade would seem to lend itself some-more to books, movies, games and a like. But let’s not forget it’s an iOS device, and therefore able of providing gigantic song options.

Your possess library, yes, yet also Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn and lots of other good song apps.

Just span your iPad with an AirPlay or Bluetooth speaker, afterwards daub to reserve adult some tunes. And if we leave it on a side list sitting in a stand, we can suffer some good cover art while we listen.

3. Dedicated e-book and repository reader

magazines-on-ipadEnlarge Image

Not observant we should keep your aged iPad in a bathroom, definition that we can use it as a dedicated magazine-reader.

Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

For hard-core readers, it’s tough to kick an iPad — generally a easier-to-hold iPad Mini ($333.00 during Amazon.com). It gives we entrance to only about each e-book reading app (and ecosystem) underneath a sun, from Kindle to Kobo to Nook to iBooks. Stock your aged iPad with books and keep it during your bedside for an unconstrained supply of night reading.

And don’t forget magazines. The Mini feels a little tiny for them, yet a full-size iPad works beautifully. 

Many imitation subscriptions come with digital editions we can entrance around their particular apps. There’s also Texture, that was recently acquired by Apple and offers total repository reading for a prosaic monthly rate.

Finally, don’t forget digital magazines we can check out from a library. They’re free, definition we can spin your iPad into a full-blown repository rack.

4. Kitchen helper

iPads and cooking go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or maybe that should be olive oil and balsamic. Either way, an iPad creates a good kitchen messenger — not only for acid and observation recipes, yet also for examination proof videos (like this one for a elementary oven-baked duck parmesan, a favorite in my house).

In fact, we could implement an under-cabinet inscription mount and keep your iPad during eye level, during a same time safeguarding it from cooking splatter.

And don’t forget all a good cooking apps, like How to Cook Everything, Butterball Cookbook Plus (essential around Thanksgiving), and a ever-popular Epicurious.

5. Secondary monitor

A dual-monitor setup can be a outrageous bonus to your productivity, yet if we work with a laptop, it’s not accurately accessible to schlep an additional LCD everywhere we go.

Ah, yet theory what? Your iPad can lift guard duty. Just implement an app like Air Display, afterwards use a inscription as a second shade alongside your PC. Put your mail customer in there, or a batch ticker, or anything else we like to impute to via a day.

The desktop customer is accessible for Windows and Mac; a iOS app will cost we $9.99.

6. The ultimate AV remote

If you’ve ever attempted regulating your phone to control your TV, we know it’s not typically a good experience. Know why? The little screen.

An iPad, though, is pristine home-theater luxury. You can use it with dedicated apps for your Apple TV ($169.99 during BH Photo-Video), Amazon Fire TV ($69.99 during Amazon.com), Chromecast, Roku and/or Logitech Harmony Hub system. That large shade creates it so most easier to navigate module guides, menus, practical buttons and other equipment that feel extra-cramped on a phone.

OK, those are my picks for repurposing an iPad. Let’s hear yours! Or tell me if we consider a smarter pierce is to sell it for cash.

Editors’ note: This post was creatively published on Oct. 21, 2013. It has given been updated.

Article source: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/ways-to-repurpose-your-old-ipad/