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6 Surprises About a Obamas’ Private White House Quarters

Only sky knows who’ll finish adult apropos a subsequent U.S. president, though here’s what we can contend with certainty: The Obamas are moving out of a White House soon. They’ve already sealed in a new house (which is gorgeous), though a doubt remains: What’s their current home unequivocally like? We know they live in the White House, of course, though a initial family has never unequivocally shown off its private quarters—that is, until now.

Thanks to Architectural Digest, we have a first-ever look inside a second building of a White House, where President Barack Obama, initial lady Michelle, their teenage daughters Malia and Sasha, and (last though not least) Portuguese H2O dogs Bo and Sunny have been living for a past 8 years. And we’ve gotta say, their home décor choices are full of surprises. Here are some of a biggest:

Fact No. 1: The Obamas paid for it themselves

New presidents are traditionally allotted $100,000 to adorn the White House chateau however they please, though a Obamas incited down this handout and spent their possess money. So good of them to not run adult a government’s bill, don’t we think?

The Yellow Oval Room
The Yellow Oval Room

Architectural Digest

Fact No. 2: Malia and Sasha’s bedrooms were furnished first

For a mom, even a initial lady mom, kids always come first, even on a ambience front.

“The No. 1 priority for a initial lady was removing Malia’s and Sasha’s bedrooms and her mother’s room set up,” initial lady comparison adviser Melissa Winter told Architectural Digest. “The many critical thing was ensuring a comfort and complacency of her family.”

The West Hall Sitting Room
The West Hall Sitting Room

Architectural Digest

Fact No. 3: The design is way out there

Michelle done some pioneering art selections, according to her interior designer, Michael Smith. “We comparison artists and designers who would never have seemed in a White House before,” he says. “Mrs. Obama mostly talks about bringing new voices into a inhabitant conversation, and that thought sensitive many of a decisions we made.” (More on one notable visitor next.)

The White House West Hall
The White House West Hall

Architectural Digest

Fact No. 4: The ancestral dining room got a big-time complicated overhaul

The Obamas done a slew of changes to the Old Family Dining Room. It’s a good brew of old and new. The old: a 19th-century mahogany list and a buffet once owned by statesman Daniel Webster. The new: a handful of American epitome works, including Josef Albers’ nested squares, a 1998 cocktail art square by Robert Rauschenberg, and a 1966 painting by Alma Thomas—the initial African-American female artist represented in a White House (pictured below, right).

white chateau dining room
The Old Family Dining Room

Architectural Digest

Fact No. 5: The master bedroom is a genuine oasis

After a prolonged day using a country, a president retires with his wife to a master bedroom that’s serene and surprisingly monochromatic, graced with an antique canopy bed surfaced with Italian linen, family photos on footed tables, stacks of books, and a nocturne portrayal by James Abbott McNeill Whistler hanging over the fireplace.

Smith notes, “This is their sanctuary—private, elegant, and calm. You unequivocally wish to make certain that a boss of a United States gets a good night’s sleep.” Indeed we do!

The Obamas' bedroom
The Obamas’ bedroom

Architectural Digest

Fact No. 6: It unequivocally did feel like home

Think it’s tough to truly kick behind and feel during home in a White House? Not according to the initial lady.

“Because of Michael Smith, a private chateau of a White House has not usually reflected a ambience though also inspected a unapproachable story of this building,” Michelle says. “Above all, it has truly felt like a home for a family.”


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