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9 reasons we should keep your stream iPhone

It’s official: The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have arrived.

No, thanks. Despite Apple’s common inexhaustible assisting of hyperbole, we have each goal of gripping my stream iPhone.

Of course, if we have a pre-2014 iPhone — something like a 5S or progressing — upgrading to a 7 or 7 Plus will get we a bigger screen, most faster processor, 3D Touch shade and a horde of other estimable upgrades that you’ll indeed “feel.”

But if we have an iPhone 6, 6S, or Plus model, many of a advantages are reduction clear. Yes, a new indication is waterproof — yet many of Apple’s other upsells are as reduction tangible. To that end, here’s since I’m adhering with my stream iPhone for now.

1. It has a good out-of-date headphone jack

My stream iPhone has a headphone jack, meaning: we don’t have to use an adapter or reinstate my headphones to listen to music. It’s a small oppulance I’m not fervent to give up.

Plus, uncover of hands: Who’s had a Lightning wire destroy on them? One day it reserve energy only fine; a next, nothing. This is a outrageous problem with inexpensive cables, yet I’ve also encountered issues with a MFi-certified variety. (Frankly, I’m not certain since there’s not some-more cheer about this.)

This doesn’t give me a lot of certainty in Lightning as an audio-delivery system. we can only suppose a abrasive beating of plugging in a span of headphones and…nothing.

Of march this is only conjecture on my part. And, indeed, if you’re vehement by a awaiting of loyal digital-audio smoothness from your iPhone to your ears…

2. You don’t need an iPhone 7 to use Lightning headphones

Lightning-compatible headphones will work with any Lightning jack, not only those on a iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. In fact, here’s a list of models we can buy right now. Needless to say, we’ll see a lot more in a weeks and months to come. But don’t buy a new iPhone only for that purpose; your stream indication will support Lightning headphones and earphones only fine.

In a meantime, like a thought of those AirPods? Guess what:

3. You don’t need an iPhone 7 to use wireless headphones

I’ll acknowledge it: Apple’s new AirPods are flattering cool. And if we wish that accurate product, we will indeed need an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, since that’s where you’ll find a new wireless chip (the W1) that drives a AirPods.

However, entirely wireless earbuds are zero new, and if we don’t mind settling for unchanging aged Bluetooth, we can get a wireless knowledge right now, on any iPhone.

In fact, it was frequency a week ago that we common this understanding on my Cheapskate blog: waterproof wireless earbuds for about $60. They have a five-hour battery life and they’re IPX7-rated waterproof and sweatproof as well.

4. You can still run iOS 10

Okay, really old iPhones might have difficulty with Apple’s latest handling system, yet iOS 10 is concordant with a iPhone 5 and later. So a immeasurable infancy of those glossy new facilities aren’t disdainful to iPhone 7. Indeed, you’ll be means to get them on Sept. 13 along with everybody else.

5. You don’t need a new camera for depth-of-field and bokeh effects

Another year, another spin of iPhone camera improvements. Apple spent a good cube of time touting a imagination depth-of-field and bokeh effects offering by a iPhone 7 Plus. But theory what? You can grasp identical effects around a accumulation of apps and filters. Not in real-time, that’s true, yet is that unequivocally necessary?

Bokeh Lens, for example, is a 99-cent app that lets we simply fuzz a background. First we snippet a theme in a foreground, afterwards we only drag and slider until we get a preferred volume of blur. Tap and reason a Compare symbol to fast see a before-and-after versions. Even Instagram’s Tilt Shift filter accomplishes most a same thing, yet with a bit reduction precision.

6. Your shade is splendid enough

At least, cave is. Have we ever, even once, pronounced to yourself, “Gosh, this shade is too dim”? Probably not, since previous- and current-generation iPhones have had ideally splendid screens, even when noticed outdoors. Raising liughtness 25 percent seems like a good approach to revoke battery life. Speaking of which…

7. You don’t need a somewhat bigger battery to urge battery life

Apple promises that iPhone 7 owners will suffer adult to dual hours some-more battery life over a iPhone 6s, while iPhone 7 Plus owners will get maybe an hour. I’m positively not one to spin his nose adult during fewer trips to a charger, yet those numbers are frequency inducement to splurge on a new iPhone.

In fact, we can boost your stream battery life by adult to 15 percent by creation this elementary change. And don’t forget a old-standby power-saving tips, like branch off pull email, dropping shade liughtness to around 50 percent and disabling plcae services for apps that shouldn’t be regulating them.

8. Performance: so what?

Every time there’s a new iPhone, Phil Schiller gushes about a faster-than-ever new chip. But theory what? My stream iPhone isn’t slow. Apps bucket in a second. The camera is prepared in a second. Video plays silky-smooth. Search formula seem instantaneously.

So unless you’re personification ultra-high-end games, a iPhone 7’s faster processor is most happening about nothing.

9. Duh: It’s paid for

Last, yet positively not least, your stream iPhone is substantially paid for. Unless you’re on an installment devise that includes upgrades along a way, a new iPhone will cost you. And cost we big: As usual, a starting cost is $649, and it rises neatly from there.

Now, a flipside to all of this: An iPhone 7 nets we a fresh, mint battery (as against to one that’s aging), a waterproof casing, visual picture stabilization (and visual wizz if we go for a 7 Plus) and harmony with a admittedly cold AirPods. Good stuff.

But is all that adequate to aver an upgrade? I’m fervent to hear your thoughts.

Article source: http://www.cnet.com/au/how-to/9-reasons-you-should-keep-your-current-iphone/


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