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911 call done by grandmother stating Casey Hathaway missing

CRAVEN COUNTY, N.C. (WITN)- A 911 call has prisoner a moments a great-grandmother of Casey Hathaway called to news him missing.

Below is a verbatim taken from that call. Some portions of a call seem to have been redacted by puncture officials.

The call was done during 2:10 p.m.:

Dispatch: Craven County 911.

Caller: 200 Toler Road – Ernul.

Dispatch: 200 Toler Road?


Dispatch: Ok and what’s going on there?

Caller: We’ve mislaid my two-year-old grandson — he’s walked in a woods behind there and we can’t find him — three-year-old grandson.

Dispatch: Okay — so — who’s there with him?

Caller: His small sister.

Dispatch: Are we observant he’s a three-year-old?

Caller: Yeah he’s three. The girls come to a residence and left him there — and he’s walked off somewhere and we can’t find him.

Dispatch: But you’re not there during a residence now?

Caller: I’m during a residence yeah.

Dispatch: And how prolonged ago do we know he walked in there?

Caller: It’s been during slightest 45 mins means we’ve been looking all adult in a woods for him.

Dispatch: And it’s behind your house? Is it directly behind your house?

Caller: Yeah — good on a side yeah.

Dispatch: Is he white — black?

Caller: He’s white.

Dispatch: Do we know what he was wearing?

Caller: Probably a black small coat.

Dispatch: A black coat?

Caller: Yeah.

Dispatch: Okay — Does he customarily do this?

Caller: Huh?

Dispatch: Does he customarily do this?

Caller: No.

Dispatch: Was he wearing pants?

Caller: Yeah he had pants.

Dispatch: Was it jeans?

Caller: Yeah we consider so.

Dispatch: You pronounced about 45 mins ago?

Caller: Yeah.

Dispatch: Okay — Is it a large area of woods behind your house?

Caller: Yeah it’s flattering big.

Dispatch: Okay you’ve been out there looking for him?


Dispatch: Alright — we’ve got a emissary headed to you, okay? And we pronounced 45 mins directly behind your residence or a side?

Caller: Yeah.

Dispatch: We have some deputies headed that way, okay?

Caller: Okay. appreciate you.

Article source: https://www.witn.com/content/news/911-call-made-by-grandmother-reporting-Casey-Hathaway-missing-504816232.html