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A weird rumpus after LSU-Texas A&M reportedly enclosed during slightest one thrown punch

After Texas AM kick LSU Saturday in a bonkers game that tied a FBS overtime record (seven) and set a new points record (146), an LSU staffer threw a punch during someone who appears to have possibly been operative for AM or been dependent with a team.

LSU executive of actor growth Kevin Faulk, a former Tigers and NFL using back, scuffled with someone wearing an on-field credential.

Faulk’s fist is sealed in this photo, that creates it demeanour like he’s throwing a punch, yet we haven’t seen video of a occurrence to endorse that:

There are hundreds of people on a margin during any given college football game, many with opposite certification that go to people with opposite functions (media, security, VIPs, group staff, rope and cheerleading staff, and a like). And after a game, there were copiousness of people who demeanour like unchanging fans logging around on a field.

But that guy’s dressed like some kind of support staffer would be, and a Dallas Morning News’ Ben Baby shot a video of a male going right adult to Jimbo Fisher on a conduct coach’s approach off a field, afterwards enchanting Fisher in conversation:

It feels doubtful that some pointless man would have gotten Fisher’s courtesy so promptly.

The man in a red shirt is rumored, yet not confirmed, to have punched LSU partner Steve Kragthorpe, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

An LSU contributor for 247Sports said:

LSU’s punter described a “random Aggie fan” punching Kragthorpe:

But LSU said, as a design indicates, that a credentialed AM chairman strike Kragthorpe.

There’s a ton, obviously, that we still don’t know. AM’s sports information director, Alan Cannon, pronounced a propagandize was looking into it, according to The Advocate.

We’ll refurbish this post as indispensable and as some-more information becomes available.

Article source: https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/11/25/18110910/texas-am-lsu-fight-postgame