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A day after weight-gate, David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia arrive during Sox camp

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Good morning from Fort Myers, where Monday has to be a improved day than Sunday was for a Red Sox.

David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia have arrived in stay and we can be certain they demeanour some-more prepared for a deteriorate than Pablo Sandoval did when he arrived on Sunday.


Sandoval does demeanour a bit smaller than he did during a finish of final deteriorate though zero really dramatic. The Red Sox wanted him to lapse in improved condition and if Sandoval did, it was marginally so.

That left manager John Farrell in a formidable position of carrying to urge Sandoval.

It became ungainly quickly. Farrell pronounced that while Sandoval was asked to get in improved shape, no accurate numbers were given. Meanwhile Sandoval claimed he never stepped on a scale and saw no reason to.

Once he strike a field, unflattering photographs followed roughly immediately.

Sandoval deserves critique for personification feeble final deteriorate and it positively would assistance him to get in improved shape. But most of this debate is contrived.


Sandoval has never been in good figure for really prolonged nonetheless has a .791 OPS over 8 vital joining seasons. The San Francisco Giants attempted mightily to get him to remove weight and keep it off, unsuccessful during it, and still attempted to pointer Sandoval before being outbid by a Red Sox in 2014.

From 2009-14, Sandoval averaged 138 games a season, done a All-Star group twice and helped a Giants win dual championships while attack .344 with an vast .935 OPS in 39 postseason games.

Make all a fat jokes we want, he’s been good when he was fat.

To protest about how Sandoval looks now is to fake we didn’t know what he looked like then. As somebody who lonesome a World Series in 2010 and 2014, he looks flattering most a same. The Red Sox knew what they were getting.

All that matters is how he plays, not how he looks. Sandoval is usually 29 and should be means to miscarry from a misfortune deteriorate of his career.

As for Ortiz, currently will be all about a cuddle with David Price. That print is one a Red Sox will like to see published.

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