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A Look At Who’s Down From Google

No longer calm to usually being a entire source of information of all kinds for a standard college student, Google is now perplexing to be a height that friends use to devise their subsequent hangout. As 9To5Google reported progressing today, a association launched an app called ‘Who’s Down’ on a Apple App Store and Google Play Store this morning.

Ostensibly a apparatus that allows friends meddlesome in identical activities to fast organisation and spend time on a event, a app is now invite-only and is singular to college students. It is value noting, though, that ‘Who’s Down’ does not need users to pointer adult with an educational email residence on a .edu domain, though does ask users to enter a name of an establishment before fasten a wait list. While it’s transparent that there is no limitation to join a app that is good for growth, a targeting is also clear. Going after college students and teenagers with amicable apps isn’t accurately core to most of Google’s business, though it has been doing it with some tiny amicable efforts.

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We were means to be a initial media opening to get inside a iOS chronicle of a app, and a pattern is specially Google, pleasing to use and with a company’s heading blue-white pattern scheme. Once we pierce a slider that indicates that we are ‘down’ to accommodate other people, a app lets we enter a name of an activity that we are meddlesome in doing, and also provides a list of what seem to be renouned or cleverly guessed selections. After selecting we was ‘down to hang’, a app evidently began watchful for other people to vigilance that they were meddlesome in a same. Once some-more than a few other people prove an seductiveness in whatever we are meddlesome in doing, a app will forewarn we and slip seamlessly into a discuss room, where conversations disappear after 24 hours of final activity.

While Google’s product does come with a sincerely sharp and well-designed user interface, this judgment is not wholly new. Shortnotice, a product launched by one of my classmates during Stanford over a year ago, has been regulating a identical system, permitting users to manually enter a activity they were meddlesome in and watchful for other users on a app to demonstrate interest. ‘Who’s Down’ is also really similar in user knowledge and pattern to Free, an app cofounded by Path’s Danny Trinh.

Barring Google’s absolute autocomplete underline being used to revoke a time it takes to form in activities of interest, Google’s pattern choices are frequency novel. With Shortnotice still struggling to benefit users in what seems to be a formidable space to enter, it’s tough to see either or not ‘Who’s Down’ will be means to overcome a same obstacles. Only time will tell either or not ‘Who’s Down’s well-designed user interface will make adult for a user submit complement that has been historically unsuccessful.

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Google is really personification catch-up in what can usually be called a ‘impromptu eventuality initiation’ environment. Several, despite smaller, players have been entering this marketplace periodically, though few have stranded with users. The unwieldy inlet of typing led Stanford alumni Nikil Viswanathan and Joseph Lau to rest on a singular set of options their app Down To Lunch. Fairly successful opposite college campuses, Down To Lunch is centered on a vast symbol that users can press to prove seductiveness in a organisation activity.

While on a face of it Google’s product appears to come with an discerning pattern and glorious visible schemes, it is formidable to guess a impact ‘Who’s Down’ will have on users but being means to use a app. Limiting a product to invite-only and branding it for college students will clearly be effective in gaining marketplace share. It could be that ‘Who’s Down’ competence assistance lift Google out of what can now usually be called a amicable product rut.

Disclosure: we am a tyro during Stanford.

Article source: http://techcrunch.com/2015/10/30/google-asks-if-you-are-down/


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