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A White Woman, Teresa Klein, Called a Police on a Black Child She Falsely Said Groped Her

The snub escalated after a notice video from a bodega was posted online, display that a boy, dressed in a propagandize uniform and carrying a vast book bag, did not seem to hold Ms. Klein.

“The small child suspicion he was going to go to jail for something he didn’t do,” Mr. Littlejohn pronounced in an interview. “I suspicion it was someone job military for nonessential reasons, generally on a child.”

Nahounha Alexandre, 22, who works during a circuitously Baptist church, pronounced a reparation was acquire though deficient unless Ms. Klein also forsaken her complaints about a mother’s behavior.

“She harm all of us in this village since when we credit that one small child of doing something, we also credit all of us,” Ms. Alexandre said.

The occurrence echoed other new uproars on amicable media over white people job a military to make a censure about black people.

In Oakland, Calif., a white lady nicknamed “BBQ Becky” called a military about black people who she pronounced were barbecuing in a limited area in a park. Near Cleveland, a white family called a military after black children mowing a neighbor’s grass accidentally mowed a apportionment of a family’s lawn.

And in Philadelphia, a Starbucks worker called a military after two black men asked to use a restroom though purchasing anything. More recently, a military were called on a black male nearby Atlanta who was babysitting dual white children.

“You consider something like this usually happens in a South, though it’s all over a world,” pronounced Mr. Littlejohn, who had attempted to comfort a boy. “He’s going to be aggrieved for a rest of his life. This is something that will hang with him.”

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/12/nyregion/woman-calls-police-black-boy-brooklyn.html