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Abstract art … or Iceland’s coast?

Photographer Zack Seckler

“It gets unequivocally formidable during that time of year,” Seckler said. “Hurricane deteriorate is coming, and a hours of light are limited. The commander endorsed we didn’t come that week.”

Undeterred, Seckler tailored his fire to concede for a weather, drifting day trips out of Reykjavik and avoiding charge fronts that could’ve landed him in trouble.

“The craft would’ve survived, though we could’ve been forced to land in an removed place,” he said.

Conditions indeed valid problematic, education him for a whole day during one point.

The many shocking event, he said, was a explanation from a aircraft’s commander as they swooped over Iceland’s angled coastline.

“I asked him where he got a craft from as we were drifting along; that was a indicate he told me he’d done it himself,” Seckler said. “That was flattering terrifying.”

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The fear, he says, was value it for a singular viewpoint offering by such a little aircraft.

Able to fly down to only a few feet off a belligerent and afterwards soar to 1,000 feet, a ultra-light enabled a photographer to constraint scenes from above in tighten detail. See video of Seckler as he takes to a skies

Despite a weather-imposed route, he pronounced it was his idea to sojourn tighten to Iceland’s seashore rather than spin internal to see a smoldering volcanoes and waterfalls.

“Based on a investigate that we did, given a scenarios and a time, a southern seashore seemed to have what we wanted,” he said. “What we find unequivocally constrained about Iceland is a extensive accumulation of water.”

Seckler pronounced he deliberately avoids display a setting in his photographs to supplement to a disorientation of observation such surprising images.

It’s a technique he’s formerly deployed in Botswana.

“With this series, my idea is to emanate aerial photography that’s rather unexpected. … It plays with a change between existence and abstract.”

There is, of course, a vital downside to employing an aircraft to emanate his images: A large cost tag.

Seckler pronounced he’s formulation serve aerial projects, researching probable trips to a Arctic and Africa, though he could use a blurb partner to assistance shoulder a expense.

“What we privately demeanour for is places that have really engaging landscapes, that have a lot of colors to play with,” he said.

“There’s so many pleasing places to go to.”

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