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Adriana Lima Is Retiring from Victoria’s Secret After 20 Years

Veteran Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima is unresolved adult her wings. After 20 years with a slip hulk — and 18 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show catwalks! — a Brazilian bombshell announced that she’s retiring.

The 37-year-old supermodel announced her depart on Instagram as she prepares for her final uncover with a relocating prominence tilt of her best catwalk moments with a brand.

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“Dear Victoria, Thank we for display me a world, pity your secrets, and many importantly not only giving me wings though training me to fly. And all a ❤️ to a best fans in a 🌎! Love, Adriana 💖”

Adriana Lima

In loyal Lima fashion, a indication (who has ragged the Fantasy Bra 3 times, fronted VS campaigns for large slip launches and is deliberate by a rest of a VS indication patrol as The Guardian Angel) went out with a bang. She’ll tighten this year’s conform uncover in thespian swift look, a impulse that she tells PEOPLE is a ultimate prominence of her 20-year tenure.

Adriana Lima

“I consider this year is going to be a prominence of my career,” Lima, 37, tells PEOPLE. “This has been my 18th conform uncover and we am still as vehement as we was from a initial day. we always adore to be on runways and being partial of a Victoria’s Secret show. It my favorite to do.”

Lima combined that she’ll be focusing on new projects with women empowerment during a core.

“I’m looking brazen to support women and being connected to opposite projects that support women around a world,” she says. “That like my destiny from now on though we am still happy that we am partial of Victoria’s Secret this year. You guys are going to adore this year’s show. To me it is really going be really special.”

Despite attack 18 catwalks, Lima says she still gets butterflies.

“I do get shaken and we suspicion that via a years we would get some-more loose though no it doesn’t go divided ever,” she says. “Every year we get concerned and really nervous.”

The indication combined that this year outlines one of a many opposite shows yet.

“We have 60 girls from all over a universe representing opposite countries,” she says. “We have 8 opposite musicians, that is a many we’ve ever had. We have 7 opposite segments. we am looking brazen to saying Rita Ora — we am such a large fan. She is such a good musician. Besides that she is a beautiful, honeyed kind person.”

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Last year, Adriana’s tighten crony and associate veteran Angel Alessandra Ambrosio announced her retirement during a VS Fashion Show in Shanghai after scarcely dual decades with a brand.

“Words can't report how beholden we am to have been operative for this extraordinary code that inspires me and women all over a world. In my wildest dreams we would have never illusory doing 17 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows,” Ambrosio wrote in an romantic Instagram post final year. “Thank we Ed, and all my Victoria’s Secret family for creation these memories unforgettable. Last night was so romantic to contend goodbye to my #angel sisters though we put on a biggest and best uncover ever. we could not have finished this but all a adore and support from my fans. It gives me good honour to be partial a Victoria’s Secret movement! we will always be entertaining for you! Love we forever.”

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