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Afghan Taliban contend they wish to finish fight by dialogue

KABUL (Reuters) – The Taliban pronounced on Wednesday, in a singular matter to a American people, they wanted to finish Afghanistan’s 17-year quarrel by talks, while warning a summary should not be seen as a pointer of debility and a quarrel opposite U.S. army would go on.

A some-more assertive U.S. plan in Afghanistan including a swell in atmosphere strikes introduced by President Donald Trump in Aug has pushed a Taliban behind from several district centers and dual provincial capitals.

But a militants control vast tools of a panorama and have responded to a some-more assertive U.S. plan with dual attacks in Kabul in a past few weeks, murdering scarcely 150 people.

The attacks have callous both a U.S. and Afghan governments’ mount opposite initiating talks with a insurgents, nonetheless conjunction side seems able of winning a conflict.

“Our welfare is to solve a Afghan emanate by pacific dialogue,” a Taliban said.

The Taliban, fighting to reject unfamiliar army and better a U.S.-backed government, pronounced a United States contingency finish a “occupation” and accept a Taliban right to form a supervision “consistent with a beliefs of a people”.

In their statement, a Taliban did not discuss a Jan. 27 raid on a tip Kabul hotel, in that some-more than 30 people were killed, nor a explosve conflict on a swarming travel a week after that killed some-more than 100. They claimed both attacks.

The militants usually mentioned a Afghan supervision to flout it on several grounds. A supervision orator declined to criticism on a statement.


A orator for Afghanistan’s NATO-led troops goal pronounced a new Taliban attacks on civilians demonstrated they were not prepared to enter “good-faith assent negotiations” while a supervision had on countless occasions done transparent it was pacific to start a assent process.

“The Taliban matter alone does not uncover eagerness to rivet in assent talks. The new attacks pronounce louder than these words,” pronounced a spokesman, Captain Tom Gresback.

The Taliban pronounced it was not too late for a American people to comprehend a Taliban can solve problems with any side “through healthy politics and dialogue”, adding a chances for discourse were “not exhausted”.

Preliminary talks on finale a quarrel that kills thousands of people any year have stalled.

But low-level contacts between a government, general groups including a United Nations and groups tighten to a Taliban have continued even as a rebellion has escalated.

Progress has been blocked by a low distrust between a supervision and a Taliban, as good as doubt about a purpose of neighbors including Pakistan, that Afghanistan has prolonged indicted of helping a insurgents.

Pakistan rejects accusations that it sponsors a Taliban.

The Taliban pronounced their eagerness to play a “constructive purpose in anticipating a pacific solution” should not be taken as a pointer of weakness.

“This can never meant that we are tired or a will has been sapped,” they said.

They pronounced they had no goal to repairs any other nation or let anyone use Afghan domain opposite anyone else.

Reporting by Robert Birsel; Editing by Nick Macfie Simon Cameron-Moore

Article source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-afghanistan-taliban/afghan-taliban-say-they-want-to-end-war-through-dialogue-idUSKCN1FY1Q9