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Afrin offensive: Turkey warns Syria opposite assisting Kurds

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Turkey has warned a Syrian supervision not to assistance Kurds fighting opposite Turkish army in northern Syria.

Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag pronounced Turkey’s operations were going forward as designed and it would be a “disaster” if Syrian infantry were to intervene.

Syrian media had progressing pronounced a army would assistance Kurds dispute Turkish operations in a enclave of Afrin.

But there has been no pointer of this so far, and a Kurdish YPG company has denied there is a understanding with Damascus.

Turkey regards a Kurdish fighters, usually opposite a limit in Afrin, as terrorists. It launched a vital descent opposite them final month.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Russia’s Vladimir Putin that Damascus would face “consequences” if it struck a understanding with a Kurds, CNN Turk reported on Monday.

Both Mr Bozdag and Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu delivered a identical summary after in a day.

“If (the Syrian army) comes in to urge a YPG, afterwards zero and nobody can stop Turkish soldiers,” Mr Cavusoglu told reporters in Jordan.

Elsewhere in Syria, pro-government army were also reported to be scheming a belligerent attack on a rebel-controlled Eastern Ghouta area, on a corner of Damascus.

Syrian activists pronounced dozens of civilians had been killed over a past 24 hours in supervision attacks, in one of a deadliest days in a Eastern Ghouta given Syrian army stepped adult their debate to retake it progressing this month.

What has purportedly been agreed?

On Monday Syrian state Sana news group pronounced “popular forces” would arrive in Afrin “to support a people’s mount opposite a Turkish regime’s attack”.

A comparison Kurdish official, Badran Jia Kurd, told Reuters news group that supervision soldiers would muster to some limit positions.

But after YPG orator Nouri Mahmoud said: “There is no agreement. There is usually a call from us for a Syrian army to come in and strengthen a borders.”

If a understanding were to be struck, Turkish infantry could find themselves opposed not usually Kurdish fighters in Afrin, though a Syrian army too, correspondents say.

Why has Turkey targeted Afrin?

Turkey began a cross-border offensive – that it has dubbed operation Olive Tree – in January.

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It is perplexing to reject a People’s Protection Units (YPG), a armed wing of a Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD).

The Kurds have administered semi-autonomous enclaves south of a Turkish limit given Syrian army pulled out in 2012, and a YPG has taken control of other domain after pushing out Islamic State (IS) fighters.

Turkey sees a YPG as an prolongation of a criminialized Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), that has fought for Kurdish liberty in Turkey for 3 decades.

The YPG denies any approach troops or domestic links with a PKK.

What is a cost of a Afrin dispute so far?

Thousands of civilians have fled given Turkey’s descent began usually over a month ago.

Neither side has expelled most information about fatalities, creation a genocide fee formidable to gauge.

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Turkish-backed Syrian insurgent warrior guards a checkpoint on a highway to Afrin

Kurdish media reported strong Turkish atmosphere and artillery attacks in a segment on Monday.

A child was killed and 8 other civilians were harmed in shelling of Basute village, according to a Kurdish Hawar News Agency (ANHA).

Turkey has pronounced it is targeting usually combatants, not civilians.

What purpose could a Syrian supervision take?

Syria has not had a troops participation in a Afrin area for scarcely 6 years.

During a march of a Syrian war, pro-government army have mostly avoided approach dispute with a YPG, though they have had occasionally clashes.

The supervision of President Bashar al-Assad opposes a YPG’s final for liberty and has vowed to retake control of all Syrian territory. However a dual sides are joined in wanting to retard Turkey’s advances.

From a Kurdish perspective, Mr Jia Kurd said: “We can co-operate with any side that lends us a assisting palm in light of a barbarous crimes and a general silence.”

Who is aligned with whom?

Northern and north-western Syria hosts a formidable brew of alliances between opposite general and informal players.

Media captionWhy do a dual biggest troops powers in Nato risk fighting any other in Syria?

The conditions is serve difficult by a YPG receiving appropriation from Turkey’s Nato fan a United States, as partners in a quarrel opposite IS.

Turkey has upheld rebels fighting Syrian supervision army given a polite quarrel began in 2011, though there has been no approach fight between a dual powers given Syria shot down a Turkish warrior craft in 2012, murdering dual crew.

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