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After Pence slams China in new speech, Beijing says he’s ‘confusing right and wrong’

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A ‘broader shift’

Pence’s “speech is demonstrative of a broader change opposite a U.S. supervision towards a some-more confrontational position towards China,” pronounced consultancy a Eurasia Group in a note on Thursday.

Although U.S. officials have criticized aspects of Chinese policies — including Trump’s indictment final week that China has interfered in U.S. elections — Pence’s remarks on Thursday were a initial time that a comparison central had delivered a handbill opposite China opposite such an endless array of issues, Eurasia added.

But “much of a tariff brawl centers on a US-China record and creation rivalry, that has a clever couple to inhabitant confidence concerns and troops foe between a dual countries,” a consultancy added.

On China’s side, “the some-more open tinge of fight from Pence will strengthen a notice in China that a ultimate US design in a brawl is to enclose China’s rise. Policymakers in Beijing will be doubtful that any understanding that China puts on a list brief of undisguised obey on core issues — will be adequate to blunt this pull from a United States,” combined a Eurasia Group.

— Reuters contributed to this report.

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Article source: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/05/us-china-trade-war-beijing-lashes-out-at-vp-mike-pence-after-speech.html