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AH Weekly Poll: What About Google I/O Has You Most Excited? – Android Headlines

AH Google IO 2015-2

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that time flies by rather quickly, as it seems like only yesterday we were streamer into a initial of a year for 2015. This isn’t a box however as we’re coming a finish of May, and Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O 2015 that starts on May 28th and will be a two-day affair. While not all is out in a open when it comes to what we’ll see and hear about during a conference, some-more privately that that should come out of a late mid-morning keynote speech, there are a few things that we really good could finish adult saying during this year’s conference. We wish to know what has we many vehement this year.

There have been rumors swirling around a latest Android chronicle creation an coming and being shown off during a event, and while we competence positively finish adult removing a initial glance during Android M there are small to know sum about what Android M includes, nonetheless a speculations state it will have a concentration on Android for Work. There are also rumors that we competence see Glass 2.0 subsequent week, that wouldn’t be wholly startling deliberation Google I/O is where they showed off a strange Glass Explorer Edition a few years back.

We’ll expected see new things surrounding Android Auto, Android TV, and Android Wear this year, though maybe one of a many sparkling rumors competence be a one in regards to a Virtual Reality chronicle of Android. There’s also due to be topics on gaming, and ATAP is slated to uncover off during slightest a integrate of new wearables during a eventuality that are distinct any other wearables we’ve seen so far. There will be copiousness some-more to see and do during Google I/O 2015, though what subject excites we a most?

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