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AI startup Appier hires Sean Chu from Microsoft to conduct the Asia …

Appier, a synthetic comprehension startup that recently lifted a $33 million Series C from 3 of Asia’s biggest Internet companies, has hired former Microsoft Japan selling comparison executive Sean Chu to manage a expansion strategy. As Appier’s new arch devise officer, Chu will be formed in Tokyo and helm Appier’s operations in Japan and Korea.

Last month Appier announced a Series C, that brought a sum appropriation so distant to $82 million, from SoftBank Group, Line Corp., Naver Corp., EDBI (the Singapore Economic Development Board’s corporate investment arm) and AMTD Group. Appier’s idea is to strengthen in participation in a markets a new investors represent, that embody Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, before expanding into other regions. The company’s categorical products, a CrossX Programmatic Platform and Aixon, assistance brands use synthetic comprehension to envision consumer function and make selling decisions.

Appier’s new arch devise officer Sean Chu

Prior to fasten Appier, Chu served as comparison executive of Microsoft Japan’s executive selling group. Before that, he hold executive positions during Sony Pictures Entertainment. He told TechCrunch in an email that in a short- to mid-term, Appier’s idea is to make certain that it sustains a stream movement in Japan and Korea.

“In a long-term, we devise to brand areas where a AI platforms can assistance busin

esses. For example, we’re now operative with a genuine estate association to brand ways in that they can use AI to optimize occupancy in their properties,” he said.

Right now, Appier’s clients come from three categorical categories: consumer brands, e-commerce companies and mobile diversion developers. Chu says Appier’s idea is to attract some-more sectors. CrossX, that helps companies devise their digital selling campaigns, will aim expansion in a industries it already serves, while a information comprehension platform, Aixon, will enhance into some-more verticals.

“We’re unequivocally vehement about Aixon as it opens a business adult to potentially any zone that is looking during AI,” Chu said. “If we pronounce to a attention analysts, they will tell we that AI, along with IoT, is during a tip of a to-do list for many enterprises, quite those in financial services, medical and manufacturing, though each association is really looking tough during AI.”

Article source: https://techcrunch.com/2017/09/25/ai-startup-appier-hires-sean-chu-from-microsoft-to-head-its-asia-growth-strategy/