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All-Beef Hot Dogs to Launch during Burger King Nationwide on Feb. 23

It’s looking like one of a world’s biggest burger bondage competence be in need of a name change in a nearby future. Alongside a buttress collection of sandwiches and sides, Burger King has announced a further of prohibited dogs to a menu as of Feb 23.

Hot Dog King? Nah, doesn’t utterly have a same ring to it!

But anyway, a fire barbecuing process used to give Burger King product their signature season (and corner over a foe in a eyes of millions) creates a further of prohibited dogs something of a no-brainer.

“This is substantially a many apparent product launch ever,” beamed boss of Burger King North America, Alex Macedo.

All-Beef Hot Dogs to Launch during Burger King Nationwide on Feb. 23

And it’s not some flash-in-the-pan (no joke intended) plan singular to a few initial units only. Quite to a contrary, each singular one of a 7,000+ Burger King locations will shortly be offered prohibited dogs as standard. This will positively come as less-then illusory news for a folks during Sonic Drive-In and Dairy Queen, that until now have flattering most had giveaway run of things in a prohibited dog arena.

Will it make a difference? Well, code bosses are clearly anticipating so, as pivotal rivals like McDonald’s and Wendy’s continue creation radical changes to their possess menus and dish deals. 2014 was a flattering decent year for Burger King with a 2.1% boost in sales nationwide, though ongoing expansion is essential in remaining applicable long-term.

The dogs have already been tested in a series of locations opposite a country, where aside from apparently being rather on a tiny side generally yielded certain feedback. Not that this indispensably guarantees a altogether success of a King Dog (it’ll indeed be called a Grilled Dog). Pretty most each quick food corner going has attempted to hurl out something radical and new, usually for it to destroy miserably in no time during all.

Case in indicate – Burger King’s ephemeral low-calorie Satisfries…the reduction pronounced about those, a better!

They also apparently attempted another peculiar rollout that never amounted to anything.

“At some point, they attempted popcorn,” pronounced Macedo.

“They would give it divided for giveaway to guest in a restaurants. we wasn’t here, though we hear a lot about a popcorn days.”

Expect a Chili Cheese chronicle of a Grilled Dog to land o launch day, offered for $2.39 and make-up 330 calories. The classical chronicle will be surfaced with relish, onions, mustard and ketchup – 310 calories of tastiness for $1.99.

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