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All The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Stars At Kit Harington And Rose Leslie’s Wedding For Westeros’ Biggest Event

While there’s no pledge that Game of Thrones will have a happy ending, during slightest a uncover can take credit for one happily ever after. As reported by People, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie were married on Saturday, Jun 23 during a Kirkton of Rayne church in Scotland. The happy couple, who met on a set of a HBO strike array during filming for Season 2, pronounced their “I dos” in front of family, friends, and, yes, co-stars. There were copiousness of Game of Thrones stars during Harington and Leslie’s wedding, proof once again usually how tighten these castmates are.

Harington and Leslie announced their engagement in Sep 2017, around a Times London paper. Shortly after, a husband done headlines on The Jonathan Ross Show when he suggested that he asked producers to shutdown filming for his marriage day so that a expel could attend. “I was like, ‘You need to cause in a Game of Thrones marriage by a way,'” he pronounced on a discuss show. “[The cast] have all got to be there so a whole thing has got to close down.”

Game of Thrones stars weren’t a usually famous faces speckled during a large event. As reported by Harper’s Bazaar, other informed guest enclosed many of a members of a Mumford and Sons band, Malin Åkerman, and Ben Aldridge.

It’s distant too early to contend either or not a whole expel attended Harington and Leslie’s commitment — a Game of Thrones expel isn’t accurately tiny — yet so far, it has been reliable that House Stark, House Lannister, and House Targaryen were all good represented during a event.

1. Emilia Clarke

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On-screen, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are Westeros’ newest couple, yet off Harington and Emilia Clarke have prolonged been pals. She’s also close with Leslie, who she has been speckled unresolved out with during events a series of times. It’s protected to contend that a couple’s large day wouldn’t have been a same but Clarke there to assistance them celebrate.

2. Sophie Turner

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Harington done certain to entice his onscreen small sisters to a large event. While they didn’t share scenes for several years after Season 1, Sophie Turner and Harington some-more than done adult for mislaid time in Season 6. Jon and Sansa reunion was a prominence of a season, usually as Turner’s extraordinary ’80s character red mini-dress was a conform stunner during a wedding, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

3. Peter Dinklage

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Who says House Lannister and House Stark can’t get along? Tyrion and Jon have been palling around given Season 1, and it appears that loyalty translates off-screen too. As reported by Cosmopolitan, Peter Dinklage attended a wedding looking clean-cut in a blue suit.

4. Maisie Williams

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Inviting one TV small sister but a other would be a clear mistake pas, and that’s not one that Harington and Leslie were going to commit. Maisie Williams was during a large event, alongside Turner. The real-life BFFs appeared to be happy to support their on-screen large bro and former co-star Leslie on their large day. As reported by E!, Williams rocked a infrequent cold black jumpsuit and carried a summery Kate Spade clutch.

5. Richard Madden

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Robb Stark and Jon Snow have been reunited, and if we feel like crying, usually know that you’re not alone. As reported by The Sun, Richard Madden attended a wedding, wearing a frock and looking positively smashing.

6. John Bradley

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You didn’t consider Harington would forget to entice his on-screen bestie, did you? As reported by The Sun, John Bradley, who plays Samwell Tarly, was speckled during a church.

7. Liam Cunningham

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Game of Thrones, Ser Davos has turn something of a coach and father figure to Jon Snow. They seem to have turn quick friends in real-life as well, as Twitter user @JonSnowTM has forked during that Liam Cunningham has scored an invite to a wedding.

8. Ben Crompton

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Good ole, Eddison Tollett. Crompton has played a member of a Night’s Watch given Season 1, so it’s usually wise for him to be there for Harington and Leslie’s wedding.

9. Joe Dempsie

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

According to The Metro, Joe Dempsie, who plays champion rower and curtain Gendry, was also in attendance.

10. Conleth Hill

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Because we can’t have a correct Westeros eventuality but him, Lord Varys — Conleth Hill — was also reportedly during a wedding.

Even yet it would have been good to see a whole expel deplane on Scotland for Harington and Leslie’s wedding, it appears that usually a few of their co-stars could make it to a event. However, carrying them there to assistance applaud their happy kinship positively meant so most to a couple. And, as Ned Stark would say, a container survives, and Harington and Leslie positively weren’t sole wolves on their marriage day.

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