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Alliance integrate benefaction their travels during CLP – The

Brad and Sue Goris presented during Tuesday morning’s Continued Learning Program (CLP) at a University of Mount Union. Their presentation, “Flying to a Pacific in a Small Plane,” minute their outing to a West Coast.

The integrate has always had a passion for flying. Brad began drifting when he was in high school. He perceived his pilot’s permit shortly after college. When he met Sue, he found out that she had taken drifting lessons when she was in high propagandize as well.

“I knew right afterwards she was a lady for me,” Brad said.

Sue after got her pilot’s permit and together they fly in a 1987 Beechcraft Bonanza.

In April, Sue and Brad motionless to fly opposite nation on what she refers to as “Brad’s Bucket List Trip.” During their travels, Brad was means to cranky 3 equipment off his bucket list: fly to a West Coast, revisit San Diego, California, and fly into Sedona, Arizona.

They began their travels on Apr 13 and spent 12 days drifting 4,503 miles. In total, they spent about 25.5 hours in a plane. They left Akron-Canton Airport and done their initial stop in Hays, Kansas.

As Brad talked about their moody he used a map to uncover their moody path. Sue gave some contribution and story about a opposite cities and landmarks they stopped during while traveling.

Brad explained that they chose their moody trail formed on a towns and cities they wanted to see.

The couple’s subsequent stop was in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where they stayed for 3 days and three nights. When they left Santa Fe, they trafficked to Sedona. Photos displayed to a assembly showed a plateau and red rocks that Arizona is famous for as they done their approach to Sedona.

“We were not certain what a continue would be like on a approach back,” Brad said. “So, we wanted to make certain to stop (in Sedona) once.”

On a approach behind home they were means to stop for a integrate of days to try Sedona, that they hadn’t been means to do during their initial stop.

The integrate left Sedona and done their approach to a coast. It wasn’t an easy moody to San Diego with so many planes going in and out of a 11 airports during any given time.

“I was happy to get in and out of San Diego in one piece,” Brad said.

They were means to spend a few days in California, where they explored internal sites and spent an entire day during a San Diego Zoo.

“There was so most to do in San Diego though so small time,” Sue said.

On their outing behind to Ohio they stopped during a integrate some-more places, including Sedona, in order to try and see some family members.

The room was filled with people who were vehement to hear about a Goris’ travels during CLP and ask questions afterward.

CLP takes place on Tuesdays in October, Feb and April. The subsequent display will take place during 10 a.m. Feb. 20 in a Alumni Room of a Hoover-Price Campus Center. It will underline Barb Armitage as she presents “The Thomas California Fire: The Things You Never Think Of.”

The presentations are open to a open and ideas for new and engaging topics are always welcome.

For some-more information about CLP, hit Abby Honaker-Schroeder by email during honakeal@mountunion.edu.

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