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Amari Cooper Can’t Solve Cowboys’ Biggest Problem: Jason Garrett

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The Dallas Cowboys’ primary emanate is a same currently as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow: Jason Garrett isn’t a right chairman to lead a team. 

The second-longest-tenured conduct manager in a franchise’s story has finished zero to build on what small success he’s gifted during his 9 seasons. 

Dallas went all in during a bye week in an try to make a pull for a NFC East multiplication climax by trade a first-round collect to a Oakland Raiders for far-reaching receiver Amari Cooper, usually to tumble prosaic opposite a Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football. According to ESPN Stats Info, a Cowboys’ 14-point detriment is their misfortune entrance off a bye since a 2004 campaign. 

“We didn’t see this coming,” owners Jerry Jones pronounced after a 28-14 detriment during ATT Stadium, per a Dallas Morning NewsJon Machota. “We did have a lot of time to prepare. We had a lot of time to get prepared and make changes to give us a softened shot that this. If we will, this is a step behind for us.”

The detriment forsaken Dallas to 3-5 altogether and dual full games behind a division-leading Washington Redskins. Poor credentials falls directly on a coaching staff. 

Maybe critique of Garrett attending a World Series competition during his time off when there was still copiousness of work to be finished had some merit, even nonetheless Jones didn’t consider so and is a week private from fortifying his coach. 

“First of all, we don’t have anybody, I’m not compared with anybody that works harder than Jason Garrett,” he pronounced final week on 105.3 FM a Fan in Dallas (via ESPN.com’s Todd Archer). “I can assure we that he did have his mind on a team. Like we pronounced firsthand, we spent tools of a weekend, good tools of a weekend—in review Saturday and Sunday per this group and how we can urge it. … we know where Jason Garrett’s mind is, and we know where his work ethic is.

“A small bit of remit now, and afterwards as distant as a bye week, [it] is not an issue.”

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It’s an emanate now after being totally outplayed by a Titans patrol (4-4) with a possess set of problems. Tennessee mislaid a prior 3 games and didn’t conduct some-more than 19 points in any of those. On Monday, a best chronicle of Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota showed adult opposite a presumably softened Dallas defense. He finished 21 of 29 passes for 240 yards and dual touchdowns. The quarterback also ran for a final measure with 4:38 remaining in a fourth quarter. 

The Titans played like a group with a new arms to exploit, given Dion Lewis transposed Derrick Henry in a starting backfield. The 195-pound behind was too most to hoop for a Cowboys. Lewis led Tennessee in both rushing and receiving yards. He finished with 122 yards from struggle and a measure on a second-quarter shade pass. 

Tennessee managed 340 yards and built postulated drives. 

“We’re all kind of reckoning out where a spaces are and bargain unequivocally when we can representation a round or chuck it,” Mariota said, per ESPN.com’s Turron Davenport

Mike Vrabel’s patrol scored on 4 of 5 red-zone opportunities, and it could have been even worse for a Cowboys, given Mariota missed a wide-open Corey Davis in a finish section before Ryan Succup clanged a gimme 28-yard margin idea try off a left upright. 

Jones’ disappointment is apropos apparent, as prisoner during ESPN’s telecast: 

The certainty he had exuded per his conduct manager is waning. 

“When we have played 8 and won three, that’s a means for concern,” he said, per NBC DFW Sport’s Jean-Jacques Taylor

Reporters pulpy Jones on possibly he can be studious with a team’s stream direction.

“I unequivocally don’t know what that means right now,” he said.

Jones wouldn’t plead is the possibility of banishment Garrett during any indicate during a unchanging season. He doesn’t design any other changes in a coaching staff, either, according to ESPN.com’s Todd Archer

But Jones undercut his coach earlier in a deteriorate by second-guessing a preference to punt in overtime during a Week 5 detriment to a Houston Texans. And nothing of this is new territory—which creates a intensity pierce all a some-more obvious. 

The Cowboys have usually done a postseason twice in Garrett’s tenure. If he does finish this deteriorate and Dallas stays on its current path, a group will have had a .500 or worse record in 6 of his 9 seasons.

Monday’s opening is some-more of a same. Yes, Cooper supposing a spark. The team’s new tip aim held 5 passes for 58 yards and a touchdown. He looked good using routes and formulating separation. The latter point alone creates him a large ascent over a receivers Dallas fielded by a initial 7 contests. 

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

But a categorical problem with a intrigue didn’t change with Cooper in a lineup. The Cowboys are too regressive and miss imagination in their flitting game, and they didn’t even try to strike their de facto first-round collect down a field. Instead, a offense made touches by brief routes to get Cooper involved.

“He’s a good player,” quarterback Dak Prescott pronounced of his new receiver, per Machota. “You get a round in his hands, he can run good routes. He’s an advantage. He’s a mismatch to me for those DBs. He did a good pursuit all night removing open.”

Cooper will be fine. He’s an upgrade and an critical square to a franchise’s future.

The same can be pronounced of Prescott and using behind Ezekiel Elliott. But conjunction of these cornerstone pieces has been entirely grown given their breakthrough rookie campaigns. Prescott, in particular, has regressed a lot and has nonetheless to strech a indicate where he can lift a offense if/when Elliott isn’t using well. Prescott forced a pass to Cooper into double-coverage that totally incited a game. The quarterback still isn’t saying a margin during a turn a third-year maestro should. 

Furthermore, a once-vaunted descent line is a bombard of a former self. Other immature players like right tackle La’el Collins and rookie left ensure Connor Williams haven’t transitioned quite good into full-time roles. Collins showed some-more guarantee during guard, while Williams might have been bearing into a lineup too early. 

All of this—the miss of development, a guys slotted in a wrong spots, a regression—falls on Garrett.

So maybe a destiny has some potential, though a benefaction is a disaster since a staff isn’t scrupulously building a team. 

Life won’t get any easier for a Cowboys in a entrance weeks, either. The rest of Nov will confirm a team’s predestine with contests opposite a Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta Falcons, Washington and New Orleans Saints before confronting a Eagles for a second time to open a unchanging season’s final month. 

The contingency of Dallas successfully navigating that fraudulent widen to re-instill faith in a conduct manager is slim to none. 

“As Coach Garrett said, we got a preference to make,” Prescott added, per Machota. “The report gets tougher, though we know a group and a impression of a group that we have. We’ve got to bend down, close arms and be together some-more than ever. … We still got a prolonged deteriorate to go.”

At best, Garrett is a common coach. At worst, he’s holding behind a whole classification from creation legitimate progress. 


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