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Amazon Echo now lets Alexa review Kindle books to you

In further to portion as your tie to Amazon’s immeasurable register of products, Amazon Echo can now also review your Kindle books to you.

And distinct Amazon’s use Audible, that provides audiobooks for a monthly fee, a book reading use from Amazon Echo is giveaway of charge.

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Called Kindle Books by Alexa, a use allows a robotic voice of Alexa to review any book in your Kindle ebook library. According to an Amazon update note, a use uses a “same text-to-speech record used for Wikipedia articles.”

That means we won’t get a same kind of tone and play you’d design from a book on Audible, though as a giveaway service, it’s expected to be flattering renouned with some non-Audible users.

To get Alexa reading, we simply complete one of a following phrases: Alexa, review “[Kindle book title],” or “Alexa, review my Kindle book.”

If we wish to miscarry a reading, we only tell Alexa to “pause,” and when you’re prepared to listen again we say, “resume my book.” You can also tell Alexa to go “forward” or “back” while reading any of your books.

The underline was suggested in a new Amazon newsletter and surfaced final week by AFTVnews.

To get readers but any ebooks started, Amazon is charity a giveaway Star Wars ebook sampler with excerpts from 6 novels from a new Star Wars book series.

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