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Amazon Echo now lets we accost an Uber ride


Need an Uber ride? Just ask Amazon Echo.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Have an Amazon Echo? Need an Uber ride? You can now use a former to get a latter.

Amazon’s Echo, a cloud-connected wireless orator that acts as your personal partner around voice commands, now supports Uber, a ride-hailing use announced in a blog Friday. Instead of regulating a Uber mobile phone app to ask a ride, we can only ask Alexa, Echo’s voice assistant, to ask that an Uber motorist come collect we up.

The ability to accost Uber is only a latest underline to be combined to a Echo, that can already play music, give we continue updates or tell we who’s personification in a Super Bowl. The voice-controlled device is only one of a handful of digital assistants out there, including Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.

You can accost your float on a Echo regulating specific voice commands such as “Alexa, ask Uber to get me a ride” or “Alexa, sequence me an Uber.” You can also find out when your float will arrive by saying, “Alexa, how distant divided is my Uber?” Alexa will also reportedly accept some-more general commands such as “Get me a taxi” or “Call me a ride,” given a device will associate taxis and rides privately with Uber as a outcome of a new integration.

Echo is Amazon’s try to take advantage of a flourishing seductiveness in regulating your voice to control inclination in your home as good as outward services. Some other things we can do with a Echo embody acid for information, checking your calendar appointments, removing trade reports, listening to a latest news and sports scores, environment adult alarms and to-do lists and determining certain intelligent home appliances.

In a bid to surpass Siri and Cortana, Amazon Echo has been teaming adult with some-more outward services lately. The device now supports Spotify’s paid reward version, so we can glow adult your favorite tunes and playlists by revelation Alexa to play a specific artist, manuscript or song.

Want some food to accompany your music? Through Echo, you can also sequence pizza or check on a smoothness pleasantness of a new formation with food sequence Domino’s. Just ask Alexa something like “Order me a vast pizza from Domino’s,” and a cake will arrive during your door.

To capacitate services to work with Echo, we initial have to tie your Echo comment into your form with a specific use itself. For example, to use Uber with your Echo, we initial set your Echo’s plcae in a Settings territory of your Alexa smartphone app. Then we spin on a Uber ability in a Skills territory of a app where we couple your Uber account, according to Uber’s blog post.

Echo’s advantage is that it directly supports specific services, so your voice authority can be elementary and succinct. Voice assistants such as Siri and Cortana might be some-more versatile though they mostly need some-more stairs to perform specific actions and don’t always know what you’re asking.

Article source: http://www.cnet.com/au/news/amazon-echo-lets-you-hail-an-uber-ride/