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Amazon Echo Or "Alexa" Uber Update Shows Internet Of Things’ Strength

February 6, 2016 @ 11:15 PM




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Amazon Echo’s Uber program refurbish is a step closer to a betrothed destiny of Internet Of Things.

For years, Amazon.com Inc has positioned itself as one of the “go to” platforms on world-wide web, a citadel of online shopping, a place where we can find cheaper items. Of course, Amazon didn’t stop there. After competing with Apple, Samsung and Google in a smartphones and inscription computers categories, a Seattle-based selling hulk has proceeded to a many some-more personal business.

Amazon, in 2014, entered a area of IoT, or Internet of Things, and launched a Amazon Echo.

Echo is a $179.99 piece of technology that is perplexing to turn a developed chronicle of Siri or Google Now. In essence, it’s a wireless speaker connected to a world-wide web and internal devices, and a categorical aim is to put some-more homes into a online retailer’s coverage.

Today, with Echo, consumers can sequence an Uber, approbation an Uber car.

Earlier this week, Amazon announced that Echo owners can now tide and listen to songs accessible on Spotify, a song streaming service. It’s also value observant that Echo can now sequence a pizza.

Now, this hardware can call a cab.

As reported by The Verge, users can ask Alexa, a name (start command) for Amazon Echo, to call an Uber automobile by simply revelation her to “call me a ride,” or “get me an Uber,” and other commands, interestingly including “call me a taxi,” since to the Amazon speaker, cab means Uber (unless Amazon will supplement some-more ride-sharing services in destiny updates).

This refurbish is by distant a biggest jump of a Echo to a betrothed destiny of internet of things. Who would have suspicion that in 2016, some people, with no computer, smartphone or write call required, can call a cab?

Not Just IoT

But Echo is not usually a “upgraded” chronicle of Siri or Google Now, some consumers have been regulating it as a orator too, not surprisingly. In January, 1010data reported that Echo has turn a many renouned orator in a marketplace (based usually on online shopping) outpacing sales posted by brands like Bose, Sonos and Logitech.

Although a win covers a United States marketplace only, a swell of Echo is an denote that consumers are now prepared to make their homes some-more IoT-ish.

The information also suggested that before to a recover of a Amazon Echo, Bose lead a marketplace with some-more than 12 percent in 2014, followed by Sonos during 8.4 percent position, and Logitech during 5.5 percent; now with Echo, Amazon owned 25.9 percent of a orator market.

Hopefully, opposition companies (like Apple and Google) will notice Echo’s success and contest with it, since a more, a merrier (in a tech world, some-more means cheaper prices and some-more rival technology).

Credit: Featured image a screengrab of an Amazon video published on YouTube.


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