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America travels for Thanksgiving

The initial in a array of West Coast storms are commencement to impact California, and this complement is not usually bringing vast amounts of sleet though will also dump some Thanksgiving sleet in a Sierras and into a Rockies this weekend.

The initial charge starts this afternoon into late tonight and could move anywhere from 4 – 8 inches, even locally adult over a foot, of sleet by Thursday morning. After a brief lull, it picks adult again Thursday Afternoon with another turn of 5-10 inches. Some areas could collect adult a sum of 30″ before a finish of a weekend. 

By Thanksgiving, a charge will be into Utah, with a heaviest during a day and afterwards dwindling during night. 

In Colorado, eat your turkey for breakfast, since a sleet starts descending late morning and final by leftovers on Saturday. 

You might cruise ditching cooking during attack a slopes. Numerous resorts are already open and many are opening this weekend. 

Here is a full finish list

Article source: https://www.cnn.com/us/live-news/thanksgiving-travel-2018/index.html