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‘American Idol’ leader Trent Harmon mourns friend




‘American Idol’ leader Trent Harmon reveals he did not design to win yet had been scheming for it while curtain up, La’Porsha Renae claims she is not indignant during losing during all.

The content came to my phone Thursday night, a few seconds after Trent Harmon was named a 15th and final leader of American Idol.

It read: “Wooooo hoooo!! we am so unapproachable of Trent. You contingency have listened me yelling all a approach from Amory.”

It was from Veronica Knox, a mom of Harmon’s tighten crony he talked about in a relocating shave during a Mar 17 Idol broadcast.

The shred began with Harmon, 25, opening a guitar box nearby a stable on his family’s plantation in Amory. The strain Another Story by The Head and The Heart served as credentials music.

“This right here is my favorite guitar,” he said. “It’s my favorite guitar given my best friend, Daniel, and we had it built together. Daniel was a lot improved than me during guitar, generally electric. So we let him collect out a timber grain. we let him collect out a pickups. Even a neck of a guitar.

“I called him a night before, and we said, ‘Hey, bruh. We’re going to have a guitar in a morning. It’s on a truck, and it’s on a approach here.’

“Unfortunately, Daniel never got to play that guitar. That subsequent morning, after it was delivered, we got word that he had upheld away.

“Even yet we kept playing, it unequivocally didn’t have any definition behind it. we didn’t wish to play this guitar. It was tough for me to even demeanour during it. It only sat in a dilemma for a prolonged time. It was only kind of a bad memory, something that was ostensible to be a good memory.

“But we thought, ‘Daniel wouldn’t be only looking during this guitar, he’d be personification it.’ It kind of illuminated a glow underneath me to go see what could happen. we packaged adult my stuff, and we packaged adult this guitar and we was prepared to pursue whatever dream was gonna take off.”

Cameras showed Harmon fixation a guitar in a newcomer chair of his pickup and pushing away.

“It’s arrange of as if he lives in a strings on my guitar,” he said. “And possibly we wish to or not, each time we step on theatre — even if it’s only for a second — we consider about him.”

Since a promote that night, we wondered about a rest of that story. we done a note of a marker shown on a behind of a guitar so we wouldn’t forget his final name: In Memory of Daniel “Dangerous Dan” Knox, 1/13/91-9/21/10.

I vowed if Harmon was one of a show’s final 3 contestants, we would pursue it. we did so.

I was means to hit Daniel’s brother, Wayne, who was unusually nice. We talked for a while. we asked if his mom or father competence be peaceful to pronounce with me. A few mins later, he called behind and gave me his parents’ dungeon numbers.

Wayne unfailing me to his Facebook page. “If you’ll corkscrew down, we wrote something on there after Daniel died that competence answer a lot of questions for you,” he said.

And so we did.

The entrance was antiquated Nov. 21, 2010.

It began: “As we post this, it is dual months to a day given Daniel committed suicide. we know that many of we — like me — were left with a lot of questions insofar as what happened and given my hermit motionless to finish his life, and we know how many a answers to those questions can assistance with providing some closure.

“Daniel suffered from vital depression. Depression runs in a family — I’ve battled it, and many members of a family continue to conflict it. Because Daniel had not certified (either to himself or to anyone in a family) that he suffered from depression, we naively insincere that he had not hereditary it.”

He explained that Daniel’s preference to finish his life “was not a box of remarkable incentive triggered by a singular eventuality … Daniel had been researching methods of self-murder in a months heading adult to his death, as evidenced by a internet hunt story on his mechanism … Primarily, he was looking for a process that would means him small or no earthy pain and that would leave minimal disaster … he finished adult settling on a well-tried process that he knew would be substantially painless; he would’ve blacked out in roughly 5 to 7 seconds.”

He closed: “Suicide isn’t stately or romantic. It’s a really egotistic act … When Daniel put that knot around his neck, he wasn’t only unresolved himself. He put that knot around my neck. He put that knot around a neck of my mother, my father, my grandmothers, my grandfather, my sisters, my cousins, my aunts and my uncles. He put that knot around a necks of his friends, his teachers, and all a younger kids who looked adult to him.

“Daniel killed a small bit of all of us given he could not find a bravery to ask for help.”

Before a shred was videotaped, Harmon’s mother, Cindy, phoned Veronica Knox.

“She told me what Trent wanted to do yet if it would harm me and make me cry, he would find something else,” Veronica said. “I told her, ‘Oh, it’s going to make me cry. But it’ll be a happy cry.’ It meant a lot to (husband) Larry and me that Trent wanted to do this for Daniel.

“You know, it’s going on 6 years now. Sometimes we consternation how many people still consider about Daniel.”

They watched from their home in Amory a night it aired. “We knew about a guitar, yet we’d never seen it,” she said. “When Trent pronounced he suspicion about Daniel each time he stepped on theatre … that got to me. But what squeezed a exhale out of me was when he placed that guitar in a newcomer chair of his lorry …  Symbollically, he was holding Daniel to ‘Idol’ with him. That’s when Larry and me … well, that’s when we mislaid it.”

Daniel was home-schooled by a eighth grade, yet he and Trent became quick friends once he entered open school. Both desired music. Both played a guitar. Soon, they were inseparable.

“They played a lot of strain together,” Veronica said, “but they also enjoyed being foolish and stupid. They desired removing a video camera and creation nonsensical videos. In fact, I’ve still got a garland of them and I’ve suspicion when Trent becomes famous, I’m going to make him compensate me a lot of dollars for those videos.”

She laughed.

“Daniel desired personification a guitar so much. He would get adult and use before going to propagandize each morning. My father played. It skipped me. we can hardly play a radio. But Daniel was good on guitar, and Wayne plays a good keyboard. Wayne used to play with Trent, too.

“Remember that (instrumental) strain (by Mason Williams) Classical Gas? That was cave and Daniel’s song. we told him to listen to it one night. He wore his fingers out training it, yet he didn’t stop until he could play each note of it.”

After graduating from Amory High School, Harmon attended a University of Arkansas-Monticello, where he complicated music.

Daniel went to Mississippi State, majored in electrical engineering and was a member of a Air Force ROTC program. After graduation, as a consecrated officer, he hoped to join a bomb bidding division.

“Ever given he was little, he desired shrill things,” Veronica says. “He desired fireworks and (pyrotechnics), and we consider that’s given he wanted to work with bombs in a Air Force. we even told him that we believed he would be good during it.”

All a skeleton and dreams finished in a Starkville unit when Daniel was 4 months bashful of his 20th birthday.

Harmon sang “Amazing Grace” during a funeral.

“But he didn’t sing immediately after he got up,” Wayne recalled. “He talked for a small bit. He told me after that he had to speak given he wasn’t certain his voice would come out if he attempted to sing right then.”

Veronica called Harmon’s low-pitched reverence to her son “really comforting.”

“But a many comforting thing we listened during that wake was something Trent said. He pronounced one night when he and Daniel were talking, he asked Daniel if he was a Christian. He told Trent, ‘Yeah, man, we became a Christian when we was 10 years old.’

“That gives a mom a lot to reason onto, meaningful we will see him again one day.”

She paused and collected herself.

“If we don’t put anything else in a article, greatfully put this,” she requested. “Depression is a wily thing. Everybody says that Daniel would have been a final chairman on earth they suspicion would dedicate suicide. He was so outgoing, we didn’t consider he had any problem with depression. My therapist says that he was substantially in denial, and by a time he was formulation his suicide, he was in too many pain to get help. He only wanted out.

“I inspire everybody … speak to your kids. Even if they seem fine, ask them, ‘Are we fine? Really? Have we ever suspicion of spiteful yourself?’ And you’ll be means to tell. They competence demur or they competence only tell you. If we consider something, don’t try to hoop it yourself. Get them veteran help.”

Veronica wasn’t astounded when host Ryan Seacrest called Harmon’s name as a winner. For weeks, it seemed as if McComb’s La’Porsha Renea was unfailing to win.

“I don’t consider anybody in Amory was surprised,” she said. “I’ve always suspicion that Trent could do large things in strain if he could only ever get a chance. He’s been singing like that for years adult here.”

Veronica and Larry missed Trent’s homecoming march and concert on Mar 26. They had already designed a outing to Waco, Texas, to revisit their eldest daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. Veronica plans to write Harmon a letter, congratulating him and thanking him for a reverence to Daniel.

“The kids who hung out with Daniel have a tough time observant anything to us about him. It’s ungainly for them, and we know that,” she said. “But Trent would always find me after church and give me a large hug. we always appreciated that.”

I asked what Daniel would have been observant Thursday night about Trent winning a title.

“He would’ve been in a assembly out in Hollywood,” she said, “and he would’ve been entertaining louder than anybody. He would’ve been so unapproachable of his friend.”

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