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Amy Schumer Remembers Her MTV Movie Awards Kiss With Amber Rose


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A print posted by @amyschumer on Apr 9, 2016 during 10:12am PDT

Tonight brings behind some lustful memories for one special lady.

Amy Schumertook to Instagram Saturday afternoon to reminisce on one of a hottest moments from a 2015 MTV Movie Awards—her memorable lick with Amber Rose. “Happy anniversary @amberrose,” the Trainwreck actress affectionately captioned the pic, that showed a dyad going in for a lip-lock.

In box we forgot a enchanting moment, we’ll gladly modernise your memory. The unpretentious lick happened during blurb break, when a voluptuous span were targeted by a KissCam. Instead of shyly shouting it off, a dual ladies went in for a kill and started creation out with any other.

If we were propitious adequate to see it, there’s a high possibility it’s imprinted in your brain. If not, afterwards here we go. You’re welcome. 

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This wasn’t their initial confront (although, that would be an engaging approach to mangle a ice). Rose and Schumer assimilated other ladies in a promo for a endowment uncover that showed them enjoying an R-rated moviegoing experience. 

Last year’s MTV Movie Awards was full of jaw-droppers, and a network’s endowment shows are not new to open displays of ladylove affection. Seriously, who could forget a barbarous MadonnaChristina Aguilera and Britney Spears kiss of a 2003 MTV Video Music Awards?  

Hopefully the lady Amy will be creation an coming again this year, given she’s nominated for “Best Kiss” with co-star Bill Hader.

Who knows what this year’s MTV Movie Awards will bring?! We’re anticipating some-more pointless make-out sessions.

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