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Analyst predicts Costco will shortly build stores in China for a initial time

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A patron unloads a transport during a money register during a Costco Wholesale store in Naperville, Illinois.

Costco is about to make a large dash into a world’s second-largest economy, according to a Wall Street firm.

Baird reiterated a outperform rating on Costco shares, presaging a bonus tradesman will shortly build room clubs in China for a initial time formed on a central opening final week of a store on Tmall, that is run by China’s e-commerce hulk Alibaba.

“It appears COST is on a verge of a bigger pull into China … final week’s launch of an central flagship store on a ‘Tmall’ height (with an stretched collection of furniture, consumer electronics, and wine) suggests COST has broader ambitions for a market,” researcher Peter Benedict wrote in a note to clients Thursday patrician “Flying Below a Radar – China Expansion on Tap?”

The researcher explained “Tmall” store launches need special accede to work in a Asian country. Consequently, it expected means Costco now also has a permit to build stores in China, he said.

Benedict validated his $200 cost aim for Costco shares, that is 24 percent aloft than Thursday’s shutting price.

“While government hasn’t commented, we trust COST’s initial earthy plcae in China could occur within a subsequent year or two, and a internal media news points to Shanghai as a many expected location,” he wrote.

The researcher also cited a success of Wal-Mart’s Sam’s Club multiplication in China, that now has around 20 stores in a country.

Wal-Mart “management has oral in a past to China carrying some of a many prolific units in a company’s tellurian footprint,” he wrote.

Costco has 741 warehouses, including 514 in a U.S., 97 in Canada, 37 in Mexico, 28 in a United Kingdom, 26 in Japan, 13 in Korea, 13 in Taiwan, 9 in Australia, dual in Spain, one in Iceland and one in France, according to a many new press release.

“Bottom line, when total with COST’s proven lane record of successful general expansion, we see China as a good prolonged tenure event for a association to serve grow a profitable membership price income stream,” Benedict wrote.

The association did not immediately respond to a ask for comment.

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