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Anthony Bourdain’s Mother Says She Is Getting Her First Tattoo in His Honor

Two weeks after Anthony Bourdain was found passed of self-murder in his hotel room in France, his mother Gladys Bourdain is opening adult about how she is going to respect her son.

In a New York Times article published on Friday, Gladys suggested she is going to get a tattoo in his memory — notwithstanding never being a fan of a Parts Unknown host’s ink, that chronicled his culinary practice and life on a road. Gladys, who is a former editor during the Times, told a journal says she skeleton to accommodate with her son’s tattoo artist to get “Tony” tattooed in tiny letters on a inside of her wrist subsequent week, creation it her initial and usually tattoo.

The essay also suggested details of Bourdain’s toxicology report, that found no narcotics and usually a “trace of a nonnarcotic medicine in a healing dose” in his complement during a time of his death.

Bourdain, 61, was cremated in France, and according to the Times, his stays and effects from France have been sent to his younger brother, Christopher.

Gladys told a publication that his family will have a small, private rite as “he would wish as small bitch as possible.”

In a phone talk with Today progressing this month, Gladys suggested that she final spoke to her son, who she described as “feisty and really talented,” on Mother’s Day.

“He didn’t costume anything,” she said. “He was who he was, and it was out there for everybody to see.”

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