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AP Photos: Editor selections from a past week in Asia

Kim Jong Un and Chinese President Xi Jinping met in Beijing this week after a North Korean personality trafficked by sight for his initial unfamiliar outing given next his late father in 2011. Their talks seemed to be a approach for both leaders to strengthen their positions before Kim’s expected summits in a entrance weeks with a South Korean and U.S. presidents.

The state media of both countries contend Xi welcomed Kim with a grave party and other honors and Kim and his wife, Ri Sol Ju, watched an art opening together.

In other images from a Asia-Pacific segment this week, Japanese and unfamiliar visitors walked in gardens around Tokyo to see cherry trees in full bloom.

Art Basel in Hong Kong, Asia’s largest contemporary art fair, continues this week, with solid expansion from collectors awaiting some-more farrago in art pieces.


This gallery was curated by Associated Press print editor Toru Takahashi in Tokyo.


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