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Apple iOS 11.1.1 Release: Should You Upgrade?

As predicted
iOS 11.1.1
is here. Quickly expelled to scold a bizarre autocorrect bug that caused a notation “i” autocorrect to an “A” with a pitch (how was that missed in testing?), a large doubt is will iOS 11.1.1 urge on Apple’s sketchy record of rushed updates (1,2,3) or will it means some-more problems than it fixes? Well early signs are mixed…

Here’s all we need to know…


Apple iOS 11.1.1

Who Is iOS 11.1.1 For?

As with all iOS 11 releases, iOS 11.1.1 is concordant with iPhone 5S or later, iPad mini 2 or after and a 6th era iPod reason or later.

iOS 11.1.1 sends out an involuntary presentation to concordant inclination to download and implement a refurbish (and will keep whinging we until we do), though if we haven’t perceived this it can be triggered manually by navigating to Settings General Software Update. Tip: if your iOS device is purebred as partial of Apple’s beta module (where iOS 11.2 is now contrast – some-more later), afterwards we contingency unroll your device for iOS 11.1.1 to uncover up.

iOS updates change in distance depending on a device, though iOS 11.1.1 is a small refurbish entrance it during circa 50MB for many users. If we are updating from iOS 10, however, it will hang adult a whole of a strange iOS 11 refurbish so will be extremely larger.

The Deal Breakers

In a various of my common warning: yes, iOS 11.1.1 will mislay a jailbreak from your iPhone, iPad or iPod reason though a demo has already been shown of iOS 11.1.1 jailbroken on a iPhone X. The problem is it’s misleading when or even if this jailbreak will be released.

As for stability, formed on a initial 48 hours, it seems iOS 11.1.1 is carrying churned results. Some users are stating excellent battery life improvements while others are stating severe battery life problems, quite to @AppleSupport on Twitter. It also seems that a primary repair in iOS 11.1.1 (more below) doesn’t operative for everybody (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc) while for others it is causing crashes, (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 etc), camera bugs and breaking notifications,

I will keep an eye on these reports to see if they escalate.

So What Do You Get?

Just like prior ‘minor point’ releases, iOS 11.1.1 has been expelled to residence some really specific problems:

  • Fixes an emanate with keyboard auto-correct
  • Fixes an emanate where Hey Siri stops working

Of a two, it is a auto-correct bug that has had by distant a bigger impact with users mad during it messing adult critical messages and emails. But as a reports show, this repair isn’t operative for everyone.

Meanwhile Apple’s security page confirms iOS 11.1.1 doesn’t enclose any new confidence updates. This isn’t startling given these are released monthly during many and iOS 11.1.1 is a 6th iOS 11 recover in customarily 6 weeks.

Apple iOS 11.1.1 Verdict: Install If You Have The Autocorrect Bug (Everyone Else Wait)

Apple might list dual fixes in iOS 11.1.1 though don’t be fooled, this was a recover rushed out essentially to repair a autocorrect bug. After all removing a notation ‘i’ wrong when you’re a association famed for iDevice fixing is a small embarrassing.

Consequently, while a repair clearly isn’t operative for everyone, it does seem to be assisting many users. So given this is such an vitriolic bug we should refurbish to iOS 11.1.1 if we are affected.

The flipside is if we aren’t influenced and all is operative excellent we would suggest we don’t refurbish given iOS 11.1.1 brings no advantage to you: a Siri bug is so teenager it wasn’t even on my radar, there are no confidence fixes inside and there are adequate reports of iOS 11.1.1 causing critical problems to drive clear. You are blank nothing.

The Road Ahead

Apple’s subsequent large recover is iOS 11.2 that should finally restore Apple Pay Cash that was pulled from iOS 11 during a final minute. It will also broach confidence updates and – hopefully – Apple’s latest try to repair a battery problems that have tormented so many users ever given they upgraded to iOS 11 (1, 2, 3, 4).

I don’t design iOS 11.2 to arrive for another 2-4 weeks as it has customarily reached beta 2 and Apple customarily likes 5-8 betas for vital indicate releases. So if we are one of a detrimental users still pang problems, reason on in there some-more assistance is coming!


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