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Apple Makes $29 Battery Replacements Available Immediately for iPhone 6 and Newer

Here’s a timeline of what happened:

* AppleCare’s escalation group approaches Engineering and says, “We’re saying a ton of in and out of guaranty earnings and repairs due to degraded batteries. This is costing us millions of dollars. Can we figure out given a iPhone 6/s disaster rate is so most aloft than normal?
* Engineering gets ahold of some Failure Analysis captures from a domain to imitate a issue. They find that when a battery voltage drops due to age or cold weather, a remarkable shutdowns occur.
* They demeanour during a rise voltage final from a iPhone 6/s relations to a battery outlay curve.
* They comprehend a elemental pattern forsake in a iPhone 6/s: a device’s rise voltage direct was way, approach too high relations to a battery’s capabilities. This forsake was not benefaction in prior devices, and was bound in a iPhone 7.
* Engineering, AppleCare, Marketing and various Management plead subsequent steps. They’re not going to do a recall, revelation a pattern defect, given a PR and financial strike would be in a tens of billions. They don’t wish to keep replacing phones or batteries, given that’s costing millions. They’re not going to put in UI vouchsafing users know their battery needs serviced, given Marketing forbids any open contention of anything being wrong with Apple products.
* Engineering says, “This is usually a voltage problem. If we dump a clocks, we can safeguard a inclination never go over a rise battery voltage.” Thanks to a energy government hw sw, they have good information on a battery voltage potential. The CPU already runs during lots of opposite time speeds, depending on load. So it was a unequivocally elementary change to detect a battery voltage max, and set a max time speed next that threshold. Problem solved.
* Engineering Management tells comparison Execs “Okay, we have a repair for a remarkable shutdown failures, though inclination are going to be slower as a result. We unequivocally need to aspect this to users, to lessen a bad experience.” Marketing says positively not we never contend anything is wrong with Apple products. AppleCare says greatfully usually boat it, we have a outrageous raise of poor phones building up.
* Apple rolls a bones and ships a wordless program change, anticipating a costly earnings will go down, business will during slightest be means to use their devices, if in a degraded state, and prays no one will ever figure out a hack.
* People solemnly start reckoning out their inclination are slower. Finally a GeekBench guys query their database, and a CPU clock/voltage throttling sticks out like a bruise thumb.
* All ruin breaks loose, and here we are.

It’s vicious to keep in mind this is not usually about “worn out” batteries. Battery voltage drops with cold weather. My iPhone 6 was exhibiting this pattern forsake when it was usually a year old, as shortly as we unprotected it for a initial time to cold weather. It would close off now when we stepped outside. After a few months, a shutdowns became visit as a battery did start to “wear out” though in my case, this battery was extrinsic from a factory. Apple Engineering completly screwed adult by permitting so small domain between max voltage requirement and misfortune box battery performance. No other models have had this problem before or since.

This is a coverup for what should be a biggest product remember in history. As prolonged as Apple has people yelling during any other over battery chemistry, they win.

Article source: https://www.macrumors.com/2017/12/30/apple-29-usd-iphone-battery-replacements-now-avail/