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Apple releases an iOS refurbish to repair iPhones that were bricked by ‘Error 53’

Earlier this month, several iPhone users reported that their inclination had been killed by a puzzling “Error 53.” Apple has now reliable that Error 53 is indeed a bureau exam for Touch ID on a Home button, and a association is arising a correct for iPhones that were victims of a puzzling bug.

On Thursday, Apple released an updated version of iOS 9.2.1 to revive newer iPhones that were infirm by Error 53. This iOS refurbish will also forestall destiny iPhones from experiencing Error 53 if they have their Home buttons remade by a third-party correct shop. This refurbish can usually be commissioned by joining a iPhone to iTunes on a Mac or PC, not over a air.

Originally, Apple asked iOS users who had gifted Error 53 to hit Apple Support. Today, there is also a brand-new support page dedicated to assisting users correct their iPhones that were influenced by Error 53.

“We apologize for any inconvenience, [Error 53] was designed to be a bureau exam and was not dictated to impact customers. Customers who paid for an out-of-warranty deputy of their device formed on this emanate should hit AppleCare about a reimbursement,” read a Apple statement.

Even yet this iOS refurbish will have your iPhone operative scrupulously again, it will not revive Touch ID capabilities. The usually approach to revive Touch ID is to get a Home symbol remade or transposed by Apple, as to forestall third-party correct shops from potentially accessing your fingerprint data.

The story behind a story: When Error 53 initial surfaced, many speculated that Apple had designed it to force users to go to Apple for repairs, instead of to a cheaper third-party correct shop. This anti-competitive logic behind Error 53 even led a law organisation to start preparing a class-action lawsuit accusing a iPhone builder of intentionally disabling a possess devices.

After initial claiming Error 53 was a security feature to forestall unapproved tampering of Touch ID, Apple is now observant that a blunder summary was a bureau exam “designed to check either Touch ID works scrupulously before a device leaves a factory.”

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