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Apple’s newest iPad Pros hands-on: The iPad X we expected


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I couldn’t tell if we was looking during a 12.9-inch iPad Pro or a 11-inch one. That’s a covenant to how Apple has shrunken down a Pro lineup, and seems to have delivered on a some-more unstable high-octane iPad this year. But can it get any closer to replacing my laptop?

The new iPad Pros announced during Apple’s Oct eventuality in New York are flattering large changes, if you’re looking to maximize arrangement in a steel frame. Both new versions fit incomparable displays in smaller, thinner bodies. Face ID has been combined scarcely invisibly, built into a thinner bezel around a depth-sensing TrueDepth camera, usually like a iPhone X has. But there’s no notch, that creates it seem a lot some-more subtle.

That also means no home button. It’s some-more like a big, sorcery window now. But with a arrangement and a beefed-up A12X processor inside that are earnest this much, it seems like it’s time for a iPad to unleash even some-more inputs and accessories. Apple has delivered on some, and not on others.

Lighter, some-more shade and Face ID hides away

I hold both new iPad Pro sizes for a small while in Apple’s demo room, and they’re infrequently tough to tell apart. The 12.9-inch chronicle is lighter, and finally feels one-handable, supposing you’re OK with gripping a piece of steel and potion in one hand. we had an titillate to mollycoddle these tablets some-more than ever. The bit of bezel around a corner of both helps give a hand-grip zone, yet we unequivocally wanted these iPads in protecting cases.

It seems like a 12.9-inch chronicle is a many considerable change this time around. The new 12.9-inch chronicle has a smaller footprint than final year’s model, while a 11-inch Pro fits a incomparable arrangement into a distance really identical to final year’s 10.5-inch Pro.

The iPad Pro’s displays now have somewhat winding corners like a iPhone X and Apple Watch, yet it has an LCD shade Apple has called “Liquid Retina” that should be identical or improved to a iPhone XR display. Display resolutions this time around are 2,388×1,668 for a 11-inch, and 2,732×2,048 for a 12.9-inch, both 264 ppi (the entry-level iPad has a 9.7-inch 2,048×1,536 display, by comparison, with a same pixel density).

For me, smaller is better. The disproportion between iPads feels a lot subtler, though, identical to a bump-up between a iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The 12.9-inch chronicle costs an additional $200 per storage configuration. For a full comparison of specs and what’s new, read a breakdown.

iPad Pro 2018

USB-C, with a few caveats

USB-C replaces Lightning on a new iPad Pro, that sounds exciting, yet doesn’t indispensably meant what we consider it does. The new Pros will support USB accessories and trade video to monitors, yet final year’s Pros could do that too, with dongles. More interestingly, a iPad Pro can use a USB-C pier to reverse-charge other USB-C gadgets, or an iPhone around a USB-C-to-Lightning cable. It also could meant shopping USB-C charging cables and adapters for a Pro will be a lot easier (and some-more affordable).

Apple has already pronounced that a USB-C pier won’t support outmost storage. However, app developers could pattern specific USB-C accessories that do specific things. Not wanting to bond around Lightning could open adult new possibilities. (Apple does support SD label readers over USB-C, yet usually for transferring photos and videos to a iPad.)

It also brings in a few complications. There’s no headphone jack on a new Pros, and there’s no Lightning port, possibly — so Apple’s possess Lightning EarPods packaged with stream iPhones won’t work. And it also means a existent Apple Pencil won’t work. Instead, there’s a new Pencil.

iPad Pro 2018 apple pencil

The Pencil now charges opposite a side of a iPad (and has a tappable side that performs actions).

Sarah Tew/CNET

Pencil: Now magnetic, wireless-charging, with double-tap sides

Apple’s improved Pencil stylus now charges inductively around a captivating frame on a side of a iPad: snap it on and it charges. The Pencil’s still round, yet that prosaic side also keeps it from rolling divided on a table. The Pencil’s latency and vigour attraction are a same as final year (the new Pros also have identical ProMotion faster-refresh displays as final year, adult to 120Hz).

There’s also a new double-tap control that can do specific things in sold apps. Sketch apps and Apple’s Notes app use it to barter between a final brush and a eraser. Other apps could use it in other ways. But a double-tap movement seems singular to a singular movement during a time, roughly like how Apple’s wireless AirPods’ double-tap functions work.

These changes are welcome. But, I’m not furious that Apple’s seeking us to buy a whole new Pencil.

iPad Pro 2018

Sarah Tew/CNET

A new keyboard folio case

Apple has a possess unfoldable keyboard box that seems like shades of what Logitech has done for prior iPads. The box is powered around Apple’s new intelligent connector on a Pro models, and unfolds to a some-more lap-friendly bottom where a iPad docks into a keyboard like a small laptop. It looks like a good adequate case, yet we haven’t lap-tested or spent adequate time typing on it. But it’s blank a thing we wanted most: a trackpad like a Google Pixel Slate and Microsoft Surface keyboards have. And it’s also expensive, during $179 for a 11-inch chronicle or $199 for a 12.9-inch version.

Fancy, and $$$

The iPad Pro seems like a polished prophesy of where Apple’s touchscreen computers are heading, yet these tablets are costly this year. Starting during $799 or $999 for 64GB of storage means you’ll wish a subsequent tier adult during least, and a $129 Pencil and some arrange of keyboard box (Apple’s or otherwise). Expect to compensate good over $1,000. At those prices, we wonder, would we have been improved off with an comparison iPad indication and a laptop instead? Last year’s 10.5-inch iPad Pro started during $649 for a same volume of storage.

But, if we were forgetful of an even improved art apparatus during a still-super-high price, maybe this was a iPad we were watchful for. Even some-more than a beefed-up hardware, these iPads will usually be as good as a new apps that make a many of them.

Of course, we’ll have a full examination on CNET during some point. These are usually early thoughts in a demo room.

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