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Are airline ‘sleeping boxes’ in your future?

(CNN)Tired of perplexing to nap while pressed into your little manager chair on a long-haul flight?

Coach passengers drifting prolonged distances might eventually get to rest in “sleeping boxes” due final week by Airbus, a European aircraft manufacturer.

The sleeping boxes would be built in a back of a aircraft, according to a obvious focus filed with a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, initial reported by a Daily Mail.

Passengers would still accept dishes and would still have to bend adult during takeoff and landing.

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Airbus declined to criticism directly on a obvious application.

    “Airbus relates for hundreds of patents each year in sequence to strengthen egghead property,” Airbus Americas mouthpiece Mary Anne Greczyn wrote in an email.

    “These patents are mostly formed on RD concepts and ideas in a really nascent theatre of conceptualization, and not each obvious progresses to apropos a entirely satisfied record or product.”

    Aviation consultant Benet J. Wilson isn’t certain a devise will fly.

    “You always see aircraft manufacturers study newcomer knowledge amenities like a sleeping box,” pronounced Wilson, About.com’s atmosphere transport expert. “But removing from judgment to existence is a prolonged highway and many times never gets past a paper stage.

    “And there are these dual questions: Will airline passengers indeed compensate for something like this, and could a airlines make income with it? If Airbus can answer these dual questions, afterwards we are most some-more expected to see it someday.”

    Whether a obvious offer ever becomes a existence is anyone’s guess, though Airbus did endorse one engaging fact in a application: It certified that a manager seats “can be found by a passengers to be uncomfortable, quite on long-haul flights.”

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