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Are captivating lashes value a hype? Here’s what happened when we attempted them

If we do need to realign or start over, only squeeze a magnets during a bottom of your lashline and hurl your ride and index finger in conflicting directions to clear them. Then, kindly slip them off your lashes.

Things seemed to be going good until … well, until we looked in a mirror. Yikes. They are a bit too confidant for me! The lashes didn’t mix good with my possess and we could clearly see a magnet on a underside of a lash. If we blinked solemnly adequate we could feel a cold magnet on my eyeball.

It’s a feeling that’s tough to describe, though positively not ideal.

 You can see a magnets from this angle … not a good look. Caroline Sincaruk

I, for one, was beholden that dismissal was discerning and easy. There’s no approach I’d be going anywhere with these on.

 I demeanour violent — and we could feel a cold magnet on my eyeball. Caroline Sincaruk

Next adult …

The wispier version, Magnetic Accents 001, looked a bit some-more healthy right out of a box. we felt like this was going in a improved direction.

It was a bit easier to snap them on after a use event from a initial set. The hairs blended some-more naturally to my lashline and a final demeanour was a immeasurable improvement. In fact, I’d wear these all day, everyday!

 So most better! Caroline Sincaruk

Now for a full strip!

Magnet chain is unequivocally critical for a full-strip version. It can go unequivocally wrong though a correct bolster along a whole length. Ardell didn’t skimp on a Double 110 so we had high hopes for a full-strip lashes.

Surprise setback! we suspicion we was a magnetic-lash-applying pro, though these were indeed a outrageous challenge. we scarcely threw them divided after my 23rd try to line them adult and snap them together tighten adequate to my lashline.

 This was as tighten as we could make it cuddle my lashline. we give adult on a full lashes! Caroline Sincaruk

It is possible, though a emanate we found is that a falsies didn’t follow a healthy bend of my lashline. Both a middle and outdoor apportionment of my lashes went naked, giving it an unflattering, impractical finish.

Nothing a small lash glue couldn’t solve, though doesn’t that better a purpose?

Final takeaways

I truly adore this innovation!

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