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Arviat family goes ‘back to tradition,’ travels to Winnipeg sans craft ticket

It might have taken a year to devise — and some not-so convenient modes of transportation — but Kevin Kalluak says his latest outing from Arviat, Nunavut, to Winnipeg “takes me behind to a tradition.” 

Kalluak, his nephew and 3 brothers-in-law made a outing though stepping on a craft once, something that’s scarcely unheard of from an isolated community that has no roads in or out.

“We usually wanted to see how it was to transport from home though ever flying,” Kalluak said.

Arviat, pop. 2,300, is in southern Nunavut, fibbing along a seashore of Hudson Bay. 

For many people vital in a hamlet, Winnipeg is their hub; a popular spot to go shopping, check out a concert, or in this case, a summer hockey stay for Kalluak’s son.

Arviat to Winnipeg map

Kevin Kalluak says he hasn’t listened of anyone else travelling from Arviat, Nunavut, to Winnipeg though boarding a plane. (CBC)

Kalluak and his relatives hopped into two boats Thursday, Jul 14 during 11:10 p.m. CST, firm for Churchill, Man., a initial leg of a more-than 1,200-km trip.

After 7 hours, a organisation reached their end and met adult with some-more family members, who afterwards boarded a sight to Thompson, Man. It was a cheapest partial of a journey, costing any chairman no some-more than $40.

“Cheap, though long,” Kalluak said. “It was a 16-hour sight float one way.”

Then, they were on to their final leg: eight adults and 12 children piled into one mini outpost and dual cars, and gathering a 7.5-hour outing from Thompson to Winnipeg.

Kalluak doesn’t consider anyone has done a tour utterly like they did.

“We never took a plane. We were always on land and water.

“I consider this is a initial time.”

Kalluak says he and family made a few some-more stops than expected, though he says they also saw animals some family members had never seen before. 

Kevin Kalluak and family

Kevin Kalluak and 19 kin had a feast in Churchill before boarding a sight to Thompson, Man. (Kevin Kalluak)

“The kids got to see cows on a road. They were vehement to see that.”

A flight from Arviat to Winnipeg and back can cost adult to $2,000 per chairman on Calm Air, a usually airline handling out of a hamlet. So Kalluak’s approach of travelling was a huge cost-saver.

But he says it’s about some-more than a money.

“When we consider about it, it’s harimanaqtuq [a clarity of pride],” Kalluak said. 

“It’s partial of a enlightenment to transport prolonged distances, whatever travel we can use. And it takes me behind to a tradition, eh? Like, though ever carrying to fly.”

Kalluak and his family will start travelling behind to Arviat this weekend via — we guessed it — boats, trains and automobiles.

hockey stay winnipeg

Some happy immature hockey players during a summer stay in Winnipeg after some of their family members trafficked from Arviat, Nunavut, though boarding a plane. From left to right: William Uppahuak and Mark and Jimmy Ollie. (Gleeson Uppahuak)

Article source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/arviat-family-trip-winnipeg-no-plane-1.3691228