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As Destiny 2 Players Mutiny, Bungie Struggles To Respond

Throughout 3 years of Destiny and a sequel, several things have remained consistent. The sharpened has always felt great. The aliens have always been fun to kill. And Bungie has always been incompetent to promulgate with players in a approach that doesn’t piss them off.

On Friday, Bungie announced skeleton to change a game’s knowledge complement after players detected that it was fraudulent opposite them, that felt quite toilsome given it was connected to a real-life-money Eververse store. Then, on Saturday, hardcore Destiny 2 players found that their knowledge sliders were moving some-more solemnly than before. On Sunday, a studio sent out a twitter saying, “The Destiny 2 API has nonetheless to be practiced to simulate a new in diversion change to warranted XP. We are operative on an API refurbish to residence a discrepancy. The scold value to acquire an additional turn is 160,000 XP.” In a past, players had used pronounced API (which allows third-party apps to interface directly with a game) to establish that you’d turn adult during 80,000 XP. In other words, it seems like a series has doubled.


The sketchiness of a knowledge complement has undone players, though maybe most annoying for a community is Bungie’s rejection to residence so many of a complaints that have been simmering in a 3 months given Destiny 2 came out. Every day, hardcore Destiny players have put together prolonged lists of gripes about a miss of suggestive endgame content, a dearth of a Iron Banner PvP event, a frustrating coherence on tokens for rob rewards, and many more.

It all appearance in waggish conform during a tide for Destiny 2‘s initial downloadable content, Curse of Osiris, final week, when village manager David “Deej” Dague betrothed that a new open eventuality would be a many rewarding yet, usually to open adult a chest and accept dual tokens and a common blue engram. (“#twotokensandablue” now started trending on Twitter.)

Of course, we’ve been here before. Since Destiny’s launch in Sep 2014, a maestro growth studio has seemed reluctant or incompetent to be pure with fans. (From what we hear, a association stays reluctant or incompetent to be pure with many of a possess employees, too.) As Destiny went by a ups and downs, Bungie never stopped obfuscating, doing a best to keep even a many simple mechanics as ambiguous as possible, adhering with selling skeleton full of smarmy teases and dripfeed PR streams.


Over a weekend, Destiny 2 executive Luke Smith betrothed that he and plan lead Mark Noseworthy will be addressing gripes this week. “Next week a Destiny 2 group will fact a systems side of a Dec update. It includes: economy updates (vendors appropriation their gear, tokens, mythological shards), investment updates (new prerogative systems for weapons armor) gameplay updates, and more,” he wrote on Twitter. “Additionally, [Noseworthy] and we will also be responding some questions and addressing village feedback we’ve been reading given launch.”

That’s a Destiny cycle. Months of silence, afterwards a guarantee of transparency. And it goes on and on and on. But hey, during slightest a shooting’s still fun.

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