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As Les Moonves departs, passionate bungle allegations lift wider questions about CBS culture

Meg James:

 Yes, Mr. Moonves had renegotiated his agreement some-more than a year ago. So there were supplies in place for him to be paid a flattering remunerative allotment when he left CBS.

He’s been in assign of a association for some-more than 12 years. He’s been impossibly successful, one of a many successful executives in all of Hollywood. And a house rewarded him with this unequivocally remunerative contract, that authorised a prolongation understanding and substantial batch and choice and other remuneration when he left.

The house is now in a unequivocally worried position. They have a agreement with Mr. Moonves each requires them to compensate him out. They have not dismissed him yet. But they wish to wait until after this examination is completed. And afterwards they will confirm what apportionment of that $120 million, if any, will be paid to Mr. Moonves now.

The $20 million that is going to go to groups ancillary MeToo and women’s equivalence in a workplace, that income is going to come right out of whatever they would compensate Mr. Moonves. It will expected be negotiated, we suspect, in a entrance weeks when a commentary are complete, and CBS can unequivocally demeanour during a assemblage of a charges.

So there’s a lot of authorised implications that come from this review. And we consider CBS, in their filing early this morning or late final night, only done that clear, that they’re going to put $120 million in a trust account, and that will be hermetic adult until they can figure out how much, if any, Moonves is entitled to.

Article source: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/as-les-moonves-departs-sexual-misconduct-allegations-raise-wider-questions-about-cbs-culture