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As Travis Browne’s downward turn continues, a new heavyweight contender emerges

“Where Ronda Rousey’s excellent [expletive] at?”

Travis Browne was still on a pad during Scotiabank Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Sunday night, perplexing to transparent a cobwebs. The male who put him there, Derrick Lewis, was on a mic acid for Browne’s famous girlfriend, former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

“He calls himself a man, though he likes to put his hands on women. So, forget that guy. we got many some-more heart than he has.”

As Browne was still feeling a effects of his third true detriment and fourth in his past 5 fights, Lewis went true for a jugular, as he referenced domestic assault allegations done opposite Browne in 2015 by Browne’s ex-wife, aptness indication Jenna Webb.

No charges were ever filed opposite Browne and an eccentric review consecrated by a UFC found “inconclusive evidence,” though Lewis brought it front-and-center before a inhabitant radio audience.

“I appreciated [referee Mario Yamasaki] vouchsafing a quarrel go a tiny longer than what it should. we only wanted to get my annoy out on Travis’ face since he likes to strike women.”

Even a fact that Yamasaki seemed to let a quarrel go on distant longer than it should have didn’t seem to provoke Browne all that many sympathy, with Lewis even thanking a central for a opportunity. After being forsaken to a pad by a Lewis right that clipped his temple, Browne ate about a dozen uncontested punches, a final several few bouncing his conduct off a mat, before a hitch was waved off during a 3:12 symbol of a second round.

Browne was taken directly to a internal sanatorium for observation, so he wasn’t means to attend a post-fight news discussion and urge himself opposite Lewis’ barbs.

Derrick Lewis (L) punches Travis Browne during their UFC quarrel on Sunday. (Getty)Derrick Lewis (L) punches Travis Browne during their UFC quarrel on Sunday. (Getty)

Sunday noted what will expected be remembered as a exclamation indicate on one of a swiftest and harshest downfalls for a heavyweight warrior who was once on a fork of greatness.

A tiny 3 years ago, Browne was deliberate a indication for a subsequent era of heavyweight churned martial artists. The former basketball actor from Hawaii was a brew of power, operation and athleticism that would be tough to answer.

Around this time in 2014, Browne was 16-1-1, represented by one of a world’s tip gyms in Albuquerque’s JacksonWink, and on a margin of a pretension shot.

Somewhere along a way, things went south.

Browne mislaid a preference to Fabricio Werdum in a categorical eventuality of an Apr 2014 UFC on FOX label in that a leader was slated to accept a pretension shot. He motionless from Jackson’s heralded gym to Glendale Fighting Club in Southern California, that was put on a map by Rousey’s success.

His decrease wasn’t an immediate thing. He won dual of his initial 3 bouts with his new team, finishing both Brendan Schaub and Matt Mitrione. Somewhere along a way, he and Rousey became an item.

But a Mitrione quarrel was also a foul-plagued affair, one that started lifting questions of either Browne’s skills were regressing. He had already faltered during his sole detriment in that stretch, unwell to finish a quarrel he should have won opposite ex-training partner Andrei Arlovski and removing stiff in a fantastic knockout.

He looked equally bad in a detriment to Cain Velasquez, removing finished late in a initial turn of their UFC 200 fight. A rematch opposite Werdum during UFC 203 was another preference detriment in that he looked worse than a initial time around.

Browne’s trainer, Edmond Tarverdyan, has come underneath relentless critique for Rousey’s performances in her past dual fights, in that she was knocked out by Holm and finished in reduction than a notation by Amanda Nunes.

While Browne isn’t about to publicly chuck his tutor underneath a bus, his training in a leadup to a Lewis quarrel spoke for itself. He worked out during a Black House stay in Gardena, Calif., home of Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida, and while he insists he’s still in a GFC fold, Tarverdyan did not dilemma him for Sunday’s fight.

In a way, it seems wise Browne’s low indicate came opposite his fighting antithesis. Lewis, a Houston native, is a classical soldier who has defied expectancy each step along a way. He’s been one of a UFC’s many active fighters, as Sunday’s hitch was his eighth in only underneath 24 months.

He’s won 7 of those, 6 of them around knockout. Because Lewis has relied on his howling power, it’s been easy to boot his prospects, since it’s prolonged been insincere that somewhere along a way, he’ll be usurped by a some-more well-rounded fighter.

But we can’t learn heart. Lewis uses perfect willpower to keep winning bouts that on paper figure to be problematic. Sunday, Lewis got by a terrible initial turn in that Browne peppered him with heartless physique kicks before branch things around in a second.

“I gotta work on my altogether game,” Lewis said. “The guys in a tip five, they’re good everywhere. Me, I’m only roughly one-dimensional. we trust I’ve got a many heart in this division. It carries me a whole approach by this six-fight win streak. The heart, that beast-mode kicks in, and appreciate God for that.”

UFC selling forms don’t seem to know what to make of Lewis, though there’s clearly something there. He delivers uninterrupted passionless amusement that frequently veers into a un-PC – indeed, he deflected questions about Browne’s physique kicks by claiming he wasn’t hurt, he simply indispensable to defecate – that seems to make a association gun-shy on going all out on pulling someone with definite star potential.

But Lewis – who showed adult during a press discussion with a tiny reproduction UFC belt, claiming to be a halt heavyweight champion – doesn’t take himself too seriously, fights adult to his  foe and is honest with himself on where he needs to improve.

Those are traits that attraction fighters to fans. And ones from that Browne could learn.

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