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Asia Argento Anger’s All That Kept Me Alive After Bourdain’s Suicide

Asia Argento is violation her overpower on Anthony Bourdain‘s self-murder … observant his genocide left a hole that can’t be filled, and annoy was a usually thing that kept her from holding her possess life.

Tears streamed down Asia’s face as she suggested her initial greeting to her boyfriend’s genocide was anger. Anger since she felt he was “abandoning me, my kids.”

Asia also told DailyMailTV — in her initial talk since Bourdain’s death — her annoy has now been transposed by an romantic hole that can't be filled by anything. 

Interestingly, Asia’s initial talk — that front Monday and Tuesday — comes only as CNN starts using a final 5 episodes of Anthony’s strike show, ‘Parts Unknown.’ 

What she says is also engaging since she had posted a mysterious summary in a hours before Bourdain was found passed in a French hotel room. She was wearing a shirt that said, “F**K EVERYONE” and enclosed a heading … “You know who we are.”

Asia’s IG post led to conjecture she got into an evidence with Bourdain right before his self-murder … and there are rumors something happened that cut him to a core.

What we didn’t know afterwards is that Anthony paid $380,000 to Asia’s sexual attack accuser, Jimmy Bennett. One speculation is that remuneration exacerbated an evidence with Asia.

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